Nutrition experience on macrobiotic: Change spice

After changing from white milled rice to brown rice. Next will be to change the chemical seasonings with spices that have been processed in the traditional way. Or processed by… Read more

Herbal milk – experience from people who have done it wrong so many times

I have experienced from the process of making milk at home, so I am very limited, hope everyone contribute more to complete My motto is to use Vietnamese goods but… Read more

Vegetarian way and still ensure enough protein

Take a look at this comparison table to see where, the most protein we need comes from. The most protein comes from plants, not animals, like we have been suffering… Read more

Mind and spirit of macrobiotic eating

Before I started the vegetarian phase, I felt that I had a lot of energy in my body. So I like physical activities like playing basketball, cycling, practicing martial arts… Read more

5 steps you will go through when using macrobiotic for disease curring

In fact, the macrobiotic method does not “cure” any disease. Their principle is that, when you stop poisoning your body and create favorable conditions, your body will automatically heal itself.… Read more
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