What parents need to do when your children are in a psychological crisis

Communication is key Child care not only focuses on the child’s nutrition, Education is also something that parents need to pay more attention to. It includes the child’s psychological state… Read more

“Fear of Missing out” syndrome in these days and age

The explosive growth of mass media has led to rapid spread of information and knowledge, which also has led to the formation of  “fear of missing out” syndrome in today’s… Read more

Psychological crisis can easily cause physical danger

According to Purdur University’s study, psychological crisis and anxiety can lead to one’s premature death, at least because these people tend to stick to harmful behaviors. Psychological crisis is a… Read more

Detect depression with a blood test?

Poor mood is nothing unusual in puberty. Teenagers often have mood swings and feel depressed. Distinguishing between discomfort and depression is therefore difficult for medical professionals. A new blood test… Read more

Depression during pregnancy

Psychological changes in pregnancy during pregnancy are a very normal state, and sometimes they are good signals that the mother’s hormonal changes are positive for pregnancy. But for about 10%… Read more

While mention to the term “psychological illness“, many of us will think of familiar phrases like “depression,” “mental paralysis,” “anxiety disorder,” and so on. However, this is just the tip… Read more
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