Nuts and their uses in macrobiotic foods

Surely you are mothers who have many questions. So today you and I will learn about the basic nuts and their uses, the nutritional value of nuts, healthy nuts, the benefits of nuts … This article is quite long so Vi will divide into many parts.

Toxins in nuts.
In any type of seed contains a certain amount of toxic substances to protect the seeds within. Want to use safe seeds we need to learn how to eliminate toxic particles. Then the body can fully absorb nutrients from the seeds.
And we have the solution is.
Removing toxins for nuts is simple using water. Mother Nature is always perfectly arranged so that we can use all the materials available in life to serve ourselves. Let’s find out how to remove toxic particles from water.
How to remove poison from nuts with water and the use of soaking seeds.
In nature, water, rain, snow melting will help remove these inhibitors to germinate seeds.
Because these chemicals are resistant to digestion, soak the seeds for a certain amount of time to neutralize them, so they can be easily digested. New absorption of vitamins and nutrients in seeds and no poisoning.
This makes mankind have thousands of years of experience. For example, the Vietnamese tradition of wrapping banh chung, mung beans are carefully grounded, soaked, served, then wrapped. Glutinous rice seeds are also carefully stroked. The brown rice is tempered with yeast. Soy beans are fermented into soy sauce to eliminate the anti-nutrients.
Soaking seeds can not be ignored, washing dirt with vegetable washing solution or mixing a little apple cider vinegar. Then soak the seeds in hot water, add a pinch of salt. Seeds soaked with water need changing and are not used for cooking because they have dissolved the toxins.
Average soaking time varies from particle to variety, depending on temperature. Some seeds are more nutritious when they start to germinate.
Learn about nutrition, essential uses and toxins from nuts.
Most of our energy comes from the seeds, especially from mugs and legumes providing protein. Nuts and almonds provide a variety of fats ..
Also we have drinks, spices, food additives, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals. All are made from nuts.
Flaxseeds eaten in large quantities can cause poisoning.
In a seed, the embryo for germination and meat [endosperm] are not the same in amino acid composition and physical properties.
While some seeds are edible to humans, others are toxic. Some can be fatal.
Many types of beans. Caffeine, for example, contains high levels of lectin protein, which can cause stomach pain if not processed properly. Soy with a trypsin inhibitor will disrupt digestive activity.
Tetanus contains the toxin phytohaemagglutinin which can cause intense vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.
Amygdalin contains seeds such as apricot kernels, bitter almonds, peaches, plums, cherries, etc., which can be poisoned if eaten in large quantities.
Cashews contain urushiol which is toxic and unhealthy
Almonds have 2 types: one sweet, one bitter. Bitter almonds used in medicine are almond flavors, 30 times more toxic than sweet almonds. Adults eat 40-60 seeds, children eat 10-20 seeds can cause death paralysis.

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