Changing the rice in macrobiotic nutrition menthod

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Change White Rice.
The rice we use every day is called “White Rice.”
White rice is the paddy that has been ground to remove rice husks and milled to remove the bran and germ. After milling, it can be polished to make the grain white and brighter.
The process of polishing and polishing loses a lot of nutrients in the rice grain (fat in bran, micronutrients like vitamins, mineral salts). So white rice limits the penetration of microorganisms and harmful insects. Therefore, the storage time is longer than brown rice and paddy.
A diet that primarily uses white rice can cause beriberi due to lack of vitamin B1 without supplementing the food sources of this vitamin.
White rice is often supplemented with some nutrients during processing.
In the United States and some European countries. Vitamin B1, niacin (vitamin B3) and iron are micronutrients that must be added to white rice.
The composition of white rice depends on the variety, soil, climate, and fertilizer. Processing and storage time.

The rice we still eat is the one that isn’t thoroughly ground. According to his maternal grandfather, rice goes through the baseball. Old rice planted 6 months to harvest. Do not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides. The rice called the heavenly pearl is enough to appreciate it.
Brown rice is the type of rice that only rubs away the outer husk. Preserving all vitamins and minerals as well as phytonutrients as bran husks are not lost, rice embryos are not lost. Brown rice that is soaked in moist water will germinate into rice.
Broken rice is a type of rice after separating and blowing rice husks, then it is put into the machine to lightly coat a layer of outer bran. Looking outward. Lied rice is green & light brown in color, lighter in color than brown rice. Unlike brown whole rice, the proportion of brown rice is about 50-70%. The cooked rice is made from rice that is softer than brown rice, sweeter and more fragrant than white rice.

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