Top 10 Leading Benefits of Studying Computer Science in University on 2022

Computer Science is the most popular major in universities worldwide. Further, the recruitment demand for Computer scientists is relatively high and they are usually offered with a high salary with bright career prospects. 

Having a bachelor’s degree in computer science is a smart move for any students to approach innovation and technology as well as to create great luggage for life. In this article, we will show you the leading benefits of studying computer science in university.

#1. Computer scientists may make a positive difference in the world

In the era of digital technology, most industries depend on data and software programs. In fact, computer science significantly impacts everything, from scientific research to other aspects of life such as transport, communications, health development, … 

There is no doubt that technology has made the world better, faster, and more connected. But, these important achievements are created thanks to the brilliant minds of IT or computer science graduates. 

Computing drives innovation in the sciences such as the human genome project, environmental monitoring and protection and also in engineering, business, entertainment and education. So, if you want to make a positive difference in the world, study computing.

Computer Science may make our world better (Link ảnh

#2. Providing you with easiness of finding job

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics surveys in many countries, job opportunities in the computer science sector increased by 11% from 2019 to 2029, much faster than the average for other occupations.

Vietnam is also not out of the world trend when the demand for human resources in this industry is increasing. Foreign companies often send projects to developing countries to take advantage of highly qualified and dynamic human resources at a more competitive cost.

Besides the salary and market potential, the biggest benefit of studying Computer Science is that students will have the knowledge and skills to work in any position in the computer field. Students are not required to work in a specific position, but can gain comprehensive knowledge to serve a career in many different positions.

#3. You can work remotely, regardless of where you are located

In fact, computer science provides global opportunities for computer scientists now and multinational companies around the world are looking for computer scientists to solve their business problems. 

Further, one of the most outstanding benefits of pursuing a career as a computer scientist is that you can make money anywhere. There are a lot of remote job offers for computer science graduates as well as many possibilities for independent business and freelance activity, which can be run by a person familiar with computer science.

#4. Computer Science offers great opportunities for true creativity, innovativeness and useful skills

Creating high-quality computer science solutions is a highly creative activity, and science supports creative work in many other fields. The best solutions in science exhibit high levels of elegance and beauty. In particular, computer science students have consistently demonstrated their ability to think outside of the box provided with plenty of opportunities for student-driven creative work.

Further, by studying computer science in university you will gain useful skills that will broaden your horizons and make you become a very valuable employee who many companies will want to employ. The Valuable knowledge and useful skills you gain by studying computer science will be applied in your future to facilitate and speed up many processes and to solve many problems.

#5. You will receive high incomes with a bachelor of computer science 

The information technology and computer science industry is one of the professions with high recruitment demand, which is expected to develop even more in the near future. Therefore, computing businesses receive a lot of attention and priority in the market.

However, while the recruitment demand is increasing, there is a shortage of human resources for the field of computer science. This leads to a higher computer science specialist salary in many countries, making this profession even more attractive.

The average salary of jobs in this field is $ 86,320 (statistics of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics in May 2018), $ 38,640 higher than other occupations. Many famous billionaires in the world such as Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg or Evan Spiegel studied computer science. Thus, you can believe that you will have a bright future, as long as you study hard and you know how to make use of your knowledge.


#6. You have opportunities to get broad and in-depth knowledge as well as self-development

Some people think that it is not worth studying for a diploma, because you can learn programming yourself. Although you can get specialized skills yourself but if you decide on a computer science diploma, you will also gain a very wide knowledge as well as a wider view of problems. Therefore, it can give you an advantage when solving more complex tasks.

Further, a computer studies student can develop in an amazing way after only a few years of studying. For example, after about 1 or 2 years they can find a part-time job after class and start earning as much as many adults while still being students. In addition, one of the biggest benefits of studying computer science is to enable you to solve complex, challenging problems, an essential skill for life.  

#7. You can gain contacts in the computer science and IT industry

One of the biggest advantages of studying computer science is the important opportunity to meet a large number of people from the industry in which we want to be a specialist. Due to your studies, you will establish first useful business, scientific as well as social contacts with people from your industry. This is really useful for your career in this industry in the future.

#8. Brings you with technological independence

In the age of technology, those who are knowledgeable in this field will have certain advantages in both business and life. In particular, a man who knows computer science well can create solutions and programs himself. Further, he/she can configure databases and create systems as well as analyze in such a way that he can actually create a lot, and do it independently and without paying extra money and hiring other specialists in companies and organizations.

#9. Computer science may improve productivity

There is no doubt that employees who have graduated from computer science can easily improve the productivity and efficiency of their company. For example, they can write simple programs that regulate the operation of machines. They also can create communication systems for other employees as well as perform simulations and detailed analysis to determine what can be optimized and what works properly. 

Further, there are also a whole bunch of other applications of computer science knowledge useful for increasing productivity, depending only on the needs and skills of the person embodying them.

#10. Bring you ability to create applications for selling and get passive income

In fact, there are a lot of useful and exciting applications created by people with the aid of computer science. Even, many useful applications are not very complicated, they may help their owners to earn huge money. Some typical examples are the world-famous Flappy Bird or a simple 2048 game which were created within several dozen hours. With even average programming skills, imagination, enthusiasm and a little luck you can create something great.


As you can see, the benefits of studying computer science in university are undeniable and various. Hopefully, through this article you can make the best decision if you’re wondering whether to study computer science in university or not.

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