Macrobiotic eating methods: eat leisurely

Modern society engages people in its hustle, so eating is not easy either.
Not chewing carefully is what causes your stomach to work miserably.
To turn raw foods into refined foods before they can be digested.
If chewed carefully, enzymes in the 4 salivary glands in our oral cavity are produced to help knead. Digesting food right on the oral cavity, so the stomach is free of labor.
When food has been digested on the oral cavity take down the stomach. Stomach just kneaded briefly and then classified food. About the specialized units for those who absorb nutrients to absorb.
So the stomach is free of labor and all illnesses related to the stomach run away. Good nutrient absorption system will produce good blood, good blood, viruses, harmful bacteria without habitats will automatically run away sandals, from the need to destroy.
The body detoxifies well, the body is clean. The body is clean with good blood, all diseases waved.

Clean rice, clean spices, clean food.
You have clean rice, clean spices, clean food then proceed to chew thoroughly.
Chewing each piece of rice into freshly swallowed water ensures that the doctor and the hospital only have long, dull broth. There is no chance to make money on the suffering of human beings again.
Chewing without thorough, I do not have the guarantee of prevention and treatment even though there is a clean food source somewhere.

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