How to eat macrobiotic – chew carefully

There are 10 ways a person can eat, including vegetarian and meat.
However, whether salty or vegetarian, the first thing to eat is to chew thoroughly.
If you want to chew carefully, you only eat rice with food, separate vegetables, separate soup.
If you don’t eat vegetables or soup together, you won’t be able to chew them well.
Patients who eat macrobiotic without chewing carefully can not be healthy. Ordinary people do not chew carefully, how do they suffer from stomach disease. Treating stomach aches of all kinds just chew thoroughly.
Practicing chewing thoroughly is the main content of the macrobiotic diet No. 7
The standard of chewing thoroughly is that the piece of rice must be chewed into water and swallowed once.
Want to chew pieces of rice into water to swallow 1 time, they must eat small pieces of rice.
That is why when eating No. 7, pure brown rice with sesame salt. It takes an hour for 1 cup of rice.
The illness that did not recover when eating No. 7 was mainly due to 3 reasons.
The first is unclean rice. The second is drinking too many teas and the third is not chewing well.
The ultimate cause of illness is a lack of confidence in this method. Just eat while suspecting or craving miscellaneous, just greedily eat so the disease can not be cured.

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