Signs of autism disorder (part 2)

Autism, or autism spectrum disorder, refers to a range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication, as well as by unique strengths and differences. In this article howtotreatpsychosis. info would like continue to talk about signs of its.

Need to be detected  soon
When the child has unusual symptoms such as: Slow speech, or says and stops completely, only likes playing alone, does not laugh, no eye contact with parents or anyone, too passionate with particular things, repetitive behaviors, like arranging objects in order, neatly tidy and aggressive behaviour when the order is disturbed
Autism child need to be detected  soon

Most parents have thought of the possibility of autistic children but they somehow feel ashamed and try to hide it, they won’t  cooperate with doctors, or when they  know the child is autistic, they  fall into the state of depression and disappointment …this makes the disease worse. The fight with autism disorder is long and arduous, early detection is very important, because the sooner the interventions, the more effective the intervention will be, the more children have the opportunity to be healed.  Between 18 and 36 months of age, if detected early and intervened by a team of professionals, about 30% of the children’s ability to return to normal may re-integrate into the community. Over this age stage, interventions will be difficult and take longer.
Can it be prevented?
To avoid the risk of autistic children, pregnant women need to stay healthy, abstain from alcohol and cigarettes to reduce the risk of poisoning, premature births, and especially avoid the use of many cosmetic products… After the baby is born, children should not be separated from the mother too early; Parents should spend more time caring, talking, playing with children to help children develop their capacity, avoid brain shock, or psychological shock.
How could It be prevented?

An attentive attitude, a compassionate gaze, is a drug that helps autistic children and their parents to stand firm and continue on the rough path. In contrast, a word or gesture of even small discrimination, it is enough to make them fall into despair. Social communities should act together for autistic children, breaking the wall so that they can integrate into society. Only that will help the children who are less fortunate and less advantaged.
Every year, the National Hospital of Paediatrics of Vietnam receives about 6,000 children with suspected autism disorder. In fact, the number of autistic children is very large because families do not know, or know but  neglect the child, or think it is not important to not send them to specialized hospitals or specialized centers for medical examination and treatment. There are only a few charity centers in Vietnam that provide NGO or private treatment for children with autism disorder.

Begin learning about signs of autism disorder.
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