Toxicity of components commonly found in foundation

To put it correctly, I am not the one who always fears about toxic ingredients in cosmetics, said so, nor is any widespread use, what socks to use it. Because my skin genre kinky, anything is possible irritations and acne emerge, so the search for the appropriate cosmetics line always arduous and costly. Currently, according to me, there are a number of choices cosmetic perspective often see your pretty knowledgeable about this cosmetics (not counting what you bought it used or purchased with the fundamentalist.
1. Only natural red bell, benign and supposedly less harmful to the body. Often compare, explore and well studied ingredients before purchase any gifts yet. Vanity is only mineral cosmetics, toys, only Organic lotion alone.
Chapter 2. safety when using cosmetics not by composition but by the prestige of the brand. This group inclined to prefer the high-end furniture, branded as: Chanel, Dior, SKII, Guerlain … Of course, there will be conflict here, whether class brands and illustrious names, but companies said on is still the traditional cosmetics and if so, in view of the “faction Organic” cosmetics lines on an endless supply of “toxic” and will certainly affect health, but despite taking money disabilities still. That is the view of “faction Organic”, while the faction “Brands”, it argues that the reputed brands for hundreds of years and have created trust and class on the market, they have studied, invention and creation, they must ensure the safety of customers. The composition is said to be “toxic” that is affordable to low levels should not affect human health.
3. The last view is neutral both Organic and traditional use and also used, selected according to criteria of intensive experience. Just find a good one to use, use, beautiful to chestnut leather (with map support) and do not deteriorate over time skin use, no irritation (with makeup) is used.
Its the 3rd of schools, but several times due to irritation with Organic toys and should have thought about buying Organic is also slightly scared scared, just scared to buy on the mercy of money can not be used very much.
Today I would like to summarize some of the substances are believed to have adverse health affects commonly found in foundation and ranked in order of decreasing hazardous. This is why I collected on the site specializing in assessing the dangers of cosmetics called, if you have time you can go to this page and find out.
Explaining a bit more, why is the foundation without the other. Simply because the foundation is almost a makeup products are most invested sisters, most concerned and also to the most directly affect our skin. When we apply a cream background supposedly less harmful ingredients then ourselves more comfortable, although beneath the foundation that we have used several layers of cream away, the feeling is plastered toxins harmful to the skin and some unpleasant.
Here is the list and order of quality:
The level 8:
Retinol (Vitamin A)
Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A Palmitate)
The level 7:
Benzyl salicylate;
The level 6:
Benzyl benzoate;
The level 5:
The level 4:
Level 3:
Propylene glycol;
BIS-PEG / PPG-14/14 Dimethicone;
Cetyl PEG / PPG-10/1 Dimethicone;
PEG / PPG-20/15 Dimethicone;
Tocopheryl ACETATE;
I just would like to substances listed in Level 3, while the level of 0, 1, 2, is called the safe then. and of course these substances are substances that our only common, but all make my list possessed ghost (which is also where nobody vapor that many substances that compete, make crazy).
Read the list above, see the views of traditional rhymes and Organic cosmetics pretty much the opposite. A lot of quality is regarded as active ingredients for the cosmetics traditionally considered hazardous to very high levels (levels 7, 8) in this list.
For example, retinol (Vitamin A), a substance many dermatologists prescribe patients with skin problems, is considered the elixir of Western medicine, the skin at the level of hazardous substances 8. And they it is fearful, then the company or say this or that Free to prove the safety of my product (colored in blue, sir) does harm only in level 3 only.
So to show that the harm caused or not is now also a very controversial issue, so private and public schools to follow is up to you, depending on our comments. The more you study, the more obscure and confused it.
So I still want to repeat that, not anybody that I own bodies, our own most of us understand. So be self-administered, self-test (I do not do mice induced it) one way and then have the knowledge to choose the best skin care method for us.

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