Some of misunderstanding about stress…

Understand stress to control it

Many types of stress management are harmful to health or it aggravates the problem. That usually arises from misunderstandings about stress. Recognizing that the wrong thoughts about stress will help us to build a more positive response to stress. Here are some common misunderstandings:

Sometimes you don’t know you are tensed
We often know when we are in a state of tension.
Often people become accustomed to the stress they are unaware of it. Many of us suffer from the effects of stress and fatigue, although we do not feel stressed. In fact, stress can change the way you treat others, or harm your own body even when you do not feel upset, uncomfortable, short of or worried and frustrated. loop.
To reduce stress, only change the situation or take medicine
Changing your outlook on life is a practical and effective way to reduce stress. Stress does not come from the reality that comes from the way we perceive reality.
Sedatives and stimulants will help us in the face of stress
For a short time, right after you use stimulant, you have the correct answer. However, stimulants affect the quality of your sleep as well as your blood pressure and nervous system. These effects lead to biological imbalances, especially to sleep, which you need in order to have both physical recovery and mind alertness. Stimulants also help you overwork without your knowledge, which negatively affects your health. Many athletes die while practicing and competing because they use stimulants that cause excessive cardiovascular activity leading to weakness and withdrawal. If you use long-acting stimulant, you will be dependent and increase other health risks such as cancer, heart failure ….
It happens to anyone 

Stress is rooted in the events that happen to us:

According to the philosopher Epictetus: not the facts themselves cause us the grief, the tension but our view of those events is the cause. If you look at stress from the outside, the result is that people are passive with stress, and people can not control stress. In fact, the level of stress depends on how we perceive it, and evaluate it.
Emotion has its own path so we can not control it
We can change our emotions with the first changes in our behavior or thoughts. For example, completing small portions of a job can make us less worried about large projects. Creating a new understanding of situations can reduce the threat or stress. When skipping college, instead of thinking that you are bad and the future is coming to an end, thinking that you need more time to prepare for college and college will give you motivation to do it again.
If someone has a leisure job they will not be stressed
In fact, stress can be very much the case for people in situations where they feel very bored or do not have any challenges. In the same place, always meeting old people, doing unchanging work, repeating tasks, etc., you are facing a kind of stress called Hypostress. . Hypostress can cause a number of mental health problems such as depression, reduced self-image and reduced quality of life.

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