Causes of Autism (part 2)

Causes of autism: complications during pregnancy and the perinatal period
For phenomena that may promote autism, various complications of pregnancy and childbirth are also recognized. Potential causes of autism can be pre-existing conditions such as gestational diabetes and thyroid dysfunction.

The risk of overall developmental disorders may also be increased by intrauterine infections – especially rubella and cytomegalovirus infections.
Other problems, in which the causes of autism are identified, are perinatal complications. An increased incidence of this condition is observed in prematurely born babies and in those born with reduced body weight. All-cause developmental disorders may also be experienced by neonatal hypoxia during perinatal period.
Causes of autism: harmful substances
Among the hypotheses on the causes of autism, there are also those that affect the relationship between exposure of children to toxic substances and the risk of developing disorders overall. The greatest attention in this case is directed towards heavy metal poisoning such as lead or mercury.
Among the potentially dangerous formulations taken by the future mummy are valproic acid (an antiepileptic drug), paracetamol (analgesic and antipyretic), or misoprostol (the agent used in pregnant women).
 * Caution for investigators dealing with the causes of autism is also directed towards the relationship between alcohol consumption and smoking by the mother during pregnancy and the risk of complete developmental disorders in her baby. 
Causes of autism: vaccination and other theories
 In recent years, the so-called “anti-seizure” movement. Opponents of vaccination argue their position among others that vaccines can cause autism. Indeed, some time ago, it was suggested that vaccination would lead to autism (such action would have been particularly effective against measles). Proponents of the theory also suggested that the preservative present in mercury-containing vaccines favors the occurrence of overall developmental disorders. There are even scientific publications that have allegedly confirmed the link between vaccination and autism. Ultimately, after a few years, other researchers have overturned these theories – it turned out that research suggesting that autism was caused by vaccinations was incorrectly performed. 
Opponents of vaccination are still at their posts anyway, and doctors are alarmed at this time – avoiding vaccination of children is now leading to serious consequences, such as the growing number of measles cases (the complications of unvaccinated children can be fatal). 
The behavior of the mother does NOT have any impact on the appearance of autism in the child. 
Another theory, that has also been abolished, is the impact of mother’s behavior on the risk of autism in the child. There have been hypotheses that children who are raised without warmth and tenderness by the mother, by women with emotional chills, are at increased risk for developmental disorders.
Causes of autism: other factors
The above mentioned aspects are already a lot of what is potentially causing autism. In fact, they are not yet all the factors that, according to scientists, can lead to total developmental disorders. Among other risk factors for their occurrence are, among others. As you can see, the theory of the causes of autism works a lot, but before finally being diagnosed, what leads to its occurrence, it will probably take a long time. For this reason, it is impossible to effectively prevent autism. So the focus is on what to do when the disorder is already present in the child. At present, it seems more important to look for effective methods of treatment of people with autism than to discover what causes this disease.

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