How much money we spend on cosmetics is enough? (Main part)

This is the beginning of a short post for slightly longer, today I want to write a statistics article see real needs of our sisters in a year need what, the amount actually needed for what is cosmetic.
Of course, all comparisons are limp, cannot take this person’s consumption levels apply to others, but I wrote this article based on the needs of the individual I, with the basic essential items, depending on income level and condition, the preferences that you can manipulate to suit the needs of each person and the money some products I suggest you consistent with the common ground of the income of officials, workers and students in Vietnam.
Now we’re on major content:
1. About skincare:
This is difficult to aggregate and an estimate for, because depending on skin condition and nursing needs of each person that hooks purse, also subject to thick or thin pocket money that option, but according to me if only with average income, basic skin care needs, there are quite a lot of options for skin products at prices few hundred thousand.
-Cleansers: according to me a year taking off about 2 bottles (200 ml type), SRM budget purchases.For Neutrogena, Cerave, Shiseido supermarkets Japanese side also. General budget spending for SRm in 300Kx in range 2 bottles = 600 k

A year both my husband and I run out of 2 bottles of this SRM
-Tảy page: If you or make up or apply double Cleansing, the finish page tảy cleanser. If buy Shu Oil then can be slightly more expensive but I found buy grape oil tảy page also cheap and effective, again benign. Buy the type of bottle to about 300 ml of Mountain Rose Herbs such as the range of more than 400 k for both the bottle must then, used all year, because before I buy 60 ml which also used to be very long. How should I charge a tảy page with grape oil using false balance is 500 k per year.

-Serum/treatment: this clause, the more difficult to estimate, but the serum if high-end brand purchase as SKII, EL, then to year make 3 million range also. Also as I currently use 2 types of Image Skincare serum is also a brand quite expensive if purchased genuine in VN, a year using 2 bottles of comfort (per bottle 30 ml) count out take 1tr800K for two bottles of serum (if know the soup sale also buy be cheaper just 1tr400K range for two bottles of serum).
Less money, use of the Cosmedica cheap also, range 300-400 k/30 ml bottle, for 1 year using 2 bottles of these 800 k range, I counted back to the level of common innovations funds for serum is 1000K per year is the average.
Or like I’m here almost 1 year now don’t waste money buying the serum, simply with Thai green tea extract Green Tea, organic cheap 1 month out near 1 bottle price 100 k, just got weighed the effect.

-If used more winter moisturizing cream (have you used both hydrating summer) then I think with Cetaphil or Cerave, Mountain Rose Herb, Merlot, Acure … in General, the budget line 1 year off a bottle of Lotion, cream or a little more, I just calculate the residual 500 k range.
Still more then 800-900 k range, consuming Origins using the moisturizing milk bottle Menard line Lisciare using redundant a year does not go away, 1tr5 range. So on average I cream/moisturizing lotion-cash games 700K/year.

-Sunscreen, then a year about 2 sticks 100 g if obliterate much (both the neck and arms), if using Avene lost 900 k range for 2 pipe. Use the map as cheap as Innisfree, two sticks of range 500-600 k.

So if the subliminal needs, simply, the average population of the most basic and then a year on Skincare needs:
SRM 600 k + Tảy 500 k + page 1000K + 700K + moisturizing Serum IZ 700K = 3.5 million VND/year with rates on is totally buy the map have decent brand, fine.
2. About the Make up:
-Background: If using mineral background like me 1 years consume about 1 box of chalk line Original BEIGE price 600 k/600 k, so is money box chalk background, that I use daily. Also taking less then 1 year not out 1. Also use mineral background pollen which Joppa Minerals used is cheap again, a year use the diaper tĩ off 2 boxes total price more than 500 k.
If you use a cream background of budget brands such as Loreal, Revlon, Bourjois, then 1 year off 1 bottle range 300-400 k

Luxury goods if it wants to use that income not yet high buy tester bottles/15-20 ml 450 k range, I call for more casual users 1 year off 1 bottle tester to take about 500 k.

A bottle of cream background Chanel every Tester has a 20 ml capacity, if users like me 1 year only off a bottle, the price from 450 to 500 k.
-Pink Cheeks: as I buy 1 box of chalk powder and mineral cheek of BE sure use 400 k price 2 years and yet, also buy Chanel or Dior cheek chalk every Tester or 300-400 k range only Mini box abundance all year. Should you put their computer on average 400 k cheek chalk for extra money.

Cheek chalk box every 2 year use this Tester Dior never off (scared off Date only) with a price of about 350-450 k
-Son: the cost for me, because like many color changes and the likes, but to use the full 1 year need 2 pieces of balm = 200 k
Buy about 3 color lipsticks, I calculated the average price for both high-end and cheap lipstick lipstick is 400 k/bullion, plus both lip into money is 1,500 K/year

A Chanel lipstick tester like this cost about 450 k, with a reasonable price that is still used for high-end items you like

High-end items
– Left as eyeliner, masscare, you guys included me into 500K / year for the popular brand is more than enough to use it.
So, the total make-up of all:
600K + 400K base + 1.500K lip cheek + 500 eyes = 3,000,000 / year
***** See what needs rudimentary and basic affordable then a year costing us about 6.500.000d for cosmetics. Of course it’s not always buy you this and much more you still figure many times to buy this, I used the farm for my average and has accumulated from the exchange of cosmetic shopping with pretty much everything you read my blog.
This is not accurate statistics, but I figure roughly reference offline.
Still looking 6tr5 total figure for a year seems a lot (but if you split it 1 month is approximately 540K for skincare and Make up), but I know you’re spending money on cosmetics every month this much higher, sometimes up to the amount of millions of rare nor where and what really strictly necessary and will use a lot smaller than what the hug.
so I sit writing this sad, restated the amount won to buy my cosmetics this year is much less than in out. It is possible that I knew more savings and more careful consideration when buying, but now you recall that there are many shopping period it is not what you think.
I wish you always to keep awake, lucid in the fight beauty, to buy the things that really necessary, really mean to the money I spent and of course wish you always beautiful.

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