Why are we never happy and peaceful? (P1)

Everyone wishes to have a happy and peaceful life but we rarely have this feeling. Why is that?
Happiness or sadness is created by you. If you have a habit of maintaining your happiness every day, there is no reason for you to be unhappy. Get rid of the following habits, happiness will come to you:

 1. Surround yourself with negative people
People who constantly complain or those who are negative can easily hurt us. When faced with problems that cannot find a solution, they will want to share with us to feel better themselves. Then, we will be caught up in complaints, negative feelings and negative energy from them.
Not only that, people with negative personality often focus only on their negative aspects, unhappiness and dissatisfaction in life. They rarely pay attention to positive aspects, the good sides of others, of life in general. The world they see through their eyes is usually gray. With such a realistic view they always feel dissatisfied, frustrated and disgusted. By exposing to them, the way we see the world and reality is also changing in the negative direction.
Think of it this way: “If a person is smoking, do you want to sit there all day just to breathe it?” Certainly not, do the same thing to the negative ones for you to have a happy life. You should be in touch with those who inspire you, who make you better and positive.
2, Compare your life to social standards
The Happiness Research Institute conducted a survey on Facebook to see how social habits affect our well-being. Half of those surveyed continued to use Facebook as normal, while the other half stopped using Facebook for a week. As a result, people who temporarily stop using Facebook have higher levels of satisfaction with life and lower levels of sadness and loneliness. Researchers also concluded that regular Facebook users had a degree of stress of more than 55%.
One thing you need to remember about Facebook in particular and social networks in general is that they rarely represent reality. Sometimes, they make you vague and lost. You do not have to give up social networking, just use it in a more scientific and useful way.
3. No longer excited with new things
There are dozens of great things happening around you every day. However, busy life makes us no longer enjoy those good things anymore. When we see good deeds we do not feel touched, it is that we are losing our throb with emotion, our sensitivity is being washed away by worries and stress.
4. Self-isolation
Self-exclusion from social relationships is a fairly common reaction when you feel sad. We all want to create a cover around ourselves and refuse to communicate with anyone when something bad happens, but if this becomes a propensity it will ruin your mood. When you realize your unhappiness makes you want to turn away from society, share it with your loved ones
5. Blame
The blame is never compatible with happiness. When you blame others or blame the situation for the bad things that happen, you invisibly acknowledge you cannot control your own life. That is the worst.
(to be continued )

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