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It’s actually that the woman  always wanted to do better and beautiful, cared for beauty is one of the necessities. But true to the beauty is also very arduous, not always we are satisfied, from physique, skin, white teeth and big eyes … the eyes soulful cha few people happy with your beauty  given by your parents.
Can not say it, but deep down, we still want to do better, more complete. New World PTTM story, with beautiful things to make up for the 360-degree photography and cheated on suicide jumping to meet Mr Right unlike the picture on Facebook.
That is why our sisters that love to step into cosmetic southeast path How much the ball, the chalk, the other cream, the other nurse, the other serum … and … and still see out there filled with things better, more efficient ones I’m used, bought and are.
And the cause of tuberculosis as ephemera to the cosmetic shop started again … The girls Oh !!! in my opinion, it does not necessarily always have to have filled a dressing table full makeup, eye pencil, colored cheeks; nor should put tight in the bathroom lotions, skincare; nor should withdraw lipstick powder boxes or bags out to touch it up again certain brand is Chanel, Dior, Guerlain where it lit … Sometimes so effective is very simple things but suitable for me.
The reason I write this is also quite a lot of comments asking me that want to start dressing should buy something for the better, matching pocketbook student or employee salaries of civil servants are not well off, but really the I sympathize with you, I can not have time to answer fully consulting all your questions is (which I also found very sad and anxious, but to write about just a cosmetic my pleasures rather I have many things to worry about and occupy much time).
That is why today I will introduce her to a cosmetic make-up with the price of 1 million that guarantees still meet the elements: nice, good ingredients, brand reputation, standard line, enough to meet basic needs make-up school to work, easy to buy, cheap.

1. Foundation: $ 15

Since I mainly use mineral foundation should also introduce her products to the mineral powder foundation. Currently there are two kinds of mineral powder in powder VN affordable and popular Bare Minerals is (abbreviated as BE) and Joppa Minerals.

Regarding higher prices, Joppa BE (BE Foundation 600-700K range, while the 300K Joppa Full box) so if with less than 1 million to 1 sets makeup, I recommend Joppa. Advantages and disadvantages of Joppa, I would say much at all about this product and Review (read here).
But if your wallet can spend more than they choose BE also good, because the more famous brand, make sure the container, more luxurious Joppa, very fine pollen so much less pollen. BE Original line for healthy skin effect and not too hard-iridescent, color is also very long stick, less cakey.
If you do not like the two companies on Everyday Minerals can select (abbreviated EM) more than 400K a box of powder foundation, extremely colorful EM to select, for quite berry substrate, however grip color, the poor coverage Joppa and BE Original line.

With mineral based products can use a powder base or no base, I myself never used base. I use mineral powder IPs always done, not the user Tinted Mois (moisturizing cream colored) finished powder coated lightweight mineral is stable. So I’m not suggesting any product base.

2. Products blush: 200-300K range
With this money can buy 1 box of Silk Naturals Full blush 200K user prices the whole year not all, many colors to choose. However the downside is fast flying cheek Silk Naturals.

Otherwise, buy blush Joppa, but cling better color Silk 300K price range. If they buy a little more readily BE blush, prices 400K / Full box must also use all year, very fine pollen, easy to beat and very solid box.
3. eyebrow pencil: I introduced the first cross always The Face Shop, Price 80K

The Face Shop eyebrow pencil of 70-80K khaonrg priced, beautiful and very long use
4. Lead the eye: I suggested price of lead Essence 70K
5. Masscara: Maybelline Price 160K light, full of supermarkets selling cosmetics store
6. Lipstick: If you prefer, use MAC matte 400K price, use 1 whole year not all bars, or buy Bourjois lip cream is also good, 300-320K price, there are many colors to choose from.

BJ lipstick really good quality, cost around 300K
Total: Alright, so I try to put together dishes offline
– Background (assuming use Joppa) = 300K
– Blush (assuming choose Joppa notes) = 300K
– Son (assuming choose lip cream Bourjois) = 320K
– Lip balm (assuming choose Burt’s Bees) = 100K
– Lead eyebrows = 80K
– Lead eyes = 70K
– Masscara = 160K
Total damage: 1tr330K is full of make-up with a dish full lips, eyes, cheeks, eyebrows
So did you go to buy counterfeit, substandard or cream miscellaneous mix of uses, do not dump my bags in less then, but now do not have to learn, not to be alone tinkering.
On the market today there are many cosmetic products of reputed brands that price range 200-300K also, so guilty not buying anything produced in the US, France, tested and quality monitoring – tight components, is widely used in countries appreciated. A cosmetic as being used on you more than enough to reach over 8 months if used continuously, for at the annual balance yet, so funding for annual Make up toys is not so much correct.
Now I find the full mixing cream ridiculous price type that sell very standard, not as it used to sell dozens or more than 100K, now they are sold pre-mixed cream million, par value with Estee Lauder Kanebo rolls rather moderate, yet many buyers still do the trick.
Well, today I’m stopping short article here, hoping that this article somewhat helpful to you first entered the path of make-up and are in need of supplies for their shopping fix. I wish she was always beautiful and buy something like that.

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