[Recipes]: Millet porridge with pumpkin

Despite its small size, millet seeds have a high nutritional content:
Contains 75% carbohydrates (starch)
Contains 10% protein
Contains 3% lipids.
Contains amino acids released by lower fermentation in milk and wheat.
Contains the content of vitamins B1 and B2 in millet seeds which is 1 – 1.5 times higher than rice.
Contains many other trace elements such as methionine (an essential amino acid).
Most important is to help the brain develop and function subtly, acutely, and more clearly by the trace elements methionine.

Babies are in the process of forming wrinkles in the brain, so millet is extremely important for mothers

And we will exploit each nutritional value of the ingredients in the next recipe.

Detailed formula:
Ingredients Delicious dishes every day “Pumpkin millet congee”
Eight fragrant rice seeds: as big as a hand
Sticky rice: as big as a hand
Millet: as big as a hand
Pumpkin: 50gr diced
Seaweed: 1 long strands of fingers, cut, long or washed, soaked bloom
Clean water: 1 liter
Pumpkin seed oil: 1 small spoon
Daily delicacies Raw daily delicacies “Pumpkin millet porridge”

The seeds are washed clean, then soaked overnight, or soaked in the refrigerator, picked up in the morning, washed again.
Why soak if you are not sure if you refer:
Nutrition and uses of nuts

Soak to cook porridge quickly, smooth and fast, activate the germination seeds to help the body absorb nutrients easily, without causing your baby’s belly after eating.
Put all ingredients (except for pumpkin seed oil) in a simmer, or with an electric earthen pot, choose the smallest setting.
Time about 30 ′ porridge will be ripe and very sweet, when cooking remember to soak the seaweed broth again, creating extremely attractive sweetness. The leaves leave the seaweed.
Seaweed for after the porridge is cooked, the porridge boils down, turn off the heat, add a small spoon of pumpkin seed oil, mix well and feed the baby, if the child is over 1 year old, add a little “Dill”, coriander to the porridge to get up Smell, add a little seasoning to the flavor. And if under age, take advantage of the natural sweetness for your baby (Children under 1 year of age should eat in a light diet)

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