Treatment for stomach cancer: What do patients need after surgery?

The care and treatment of stomach cancer immediately after surgery is something that relatives of patients need to know in order to help patients recover quickly and ensure that no adverse complications occur after the surgery. How can stomach cancer patients after surgery have to eat and how to rest? Patients may encounter complications that family members need to monitor and report to the doctor immediately? The article below will give you all the information above to get the best care for your loved one after the operation.

1. Nutrition for the sick

A proper diet and adequate nutrients will help stomach cancer patients recover quickly after surgery. In the early days after a poor health operation, the patient is not eating normally, plus the lack of bowel movement, the nutrients are provided to the patient through infusion. Depending on the condition of each patient, the doctor will guide the patient to eat by the way and specific time the patient can eat food. In the early days to eat again, family members need to eat soft, liquid and easy-to-digest foods such as porridge, soup, soup. After a few days, you can gradually adjust the density of food. If after eating the patient with uncomfortable symptoms such as dyspepsia, dyspepsia, abdomen, the family should immediately notify the treating doctor for appropriate treatment.

After surgery, patients should not eat hot, spicy foods

Family members absolutely should not be given to patients who eat spicy foods, peppers, sour foods, greasy foods and spices. Alcohol, cigarettes, alcoholic beverages and other stimulants are not given to patients.

2. Patient Rest Mode

Patients after surgery should be properly rested until they regain health, should not do heavy work, overwork themselves. Resting completely in bed in the first week after surgery, only gentle walking when really needed.

3. The family member should monitor the complications after surgery

After surgery for cancer patients may have some complications such as gastric bleeding, infection of the incision, belching, abdominal distension, eating indigestible. Family members should report to the doctor immediately when the patient encounters abnormalities mentioned above. In addition, the incision of the patient is kept hygienically and disinfected on a regular basis to avoid infection.

Often, patients with gastric cancer can recover from 6-8 days after surgery. When returning home, the patient should continue to maintain a healthy diet and rest. Patients also have to take their medications at home and follow up with a doctor’s appointment.

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