The experiences shared by the one who sufferd from depression (part 3)

Nature might be the solution to depression

Ego or infinite love for all, what can really help? 
It means directing your own energies to loving objects outside of yourself such as children, parents, people who need your protection, for me, this is my little daughter. It is especially important for me to overcome the disease. Because dedicating love to children, to those who needs your protection makes you stronger, helps you to discharge your ego more easily, to raise up your mood and body more effectively.

Nature might be the solution to depression

And certainly, that pure and sacred love is always blessed  by Bodhisattva.

Exposure to nature, green grass, trees, flowers…; be altruistic, kind and generous; live in harmony with people with deep, innermost understanding that:  “There is nothing always true. There is no one who do not deserve sympathy compassion in their situation. “And, stop judging others, be less aggressive and competitive to understand other people and yourself more easily. Humility and eager for knowledge are those that always give us the wings of freedom to fly, help us to forgive others and forgive ourselves!

Depression is not a rare disease, even now it’s very common; it’s raging on the victims who have experienced severe shock to the soul and brain. Sadly, the sharing and assistance from those around us with these suffering patients is very little, fragile, ineffective, because people do not get insight and try hard to feel the cruelty of the disease exposed to the patients.

 * Many times, reading the news about suicide of sufferers, I feel sorry, deeply touched. When family members and relatives recognize suicide signs in sufferer, just decide to take them to hospital (rather than merely psychologically warm supports), because in that time the disease conditions  have reached to tragic point.

Hopefully, with this sincere sharing, my writing will help those on the battlefield fighting alone against depression, to find a bright way themselves.

Live and think positively, love other with all your might, let go of the ego and then discharge the burden of disease to live happily, regardless of adversities! When you master the problem you are having, when you see your illness as a companion on a difficult journey, it helps you understand depression, gradually overcoming it and get out of your problem.

Nature might be the solution to depression

When you look back, you will feel proud of yourself. Looking back on the difficult journey that has crossed over, you know that you never get in trouble with depression again … because you understand yourself and know how to stay awake and balanced with great love.

Depression is not scary, it is scary if we are less aware of ourselves and do not understand our problems so clearly!

They’re some of experiences, that’s my concept, it proved its effectiveness for me. Maybe with you they do not work, there may be other solutions that suit you better; there are many ways to approach a problem indeed.  But at least, when you read my sharing, you will find you are not alone in your illness, there are many people who are also fighting against disease like you, and many of them have succeeded. Then why do not you hope you will also be a winner.

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