The characteristics required to be a good wife

There is no woman who does not expect to have a good man to come to her and ask her to be his wife, so, if you want to marry a good husband, you must first of all have the characteristics of a worthy wife.

Be mature
This does not mean that you should not do spontaneous things, just don’t be the type of person who “speaks the wrong way”, and is unpredictable about treating others. An unpredictable girl can be quite fun to be in love with, but a bad wife, constantly changing like the weather, it is fatigue for her husband.
Love yourself
Selfish, always considering oneself as the center of the universe and forcing people to do as she wishes, that is the trait of women that men hate. However to love and respect yourself is another thing, men are always attracted to a self-respect woman. 
Understand yourself
People who are mature and ready for marriage must understand their strengths and limitations, know what men like and do not like. They know what they need in a life partner and can set clear criterias. In life, the most annoying thing is to endure a person who does not know what he/she wants.
Your love do no relies on cost and benefit considerations
When you truly love someone without demanding anything in return, you can fully nurture the relationship. At that time, you can love with all your passion and willing to bond together without fear of anything.
Live for yourself
When entering marriage life, there will definitely be a lot of binding and responsibility. If a single girl could not live up to the way she wanted to and balance the impact of others, how could she be able to withstand the pressure of a married life?
Be kind to everyone around you
Of course, you want to marry a nice husband, no one wants to marry a terrible man who only know themselves and do not want to help anyone. Men are the same, they appreciate women’s kindness to people around them. And that is also the essential trait of a good wife.
Respect yourself and others
Respect always comes from two sides; if you want to be respected by others, you must respect them. A woman who wants to be respected by men must also respect them. Maybe you should review the denial, scolding and downplay the men.
You can be romantic but don’t have your head in the clouds
This is real life. The man you love and want to marry is a normal man and not a charming prince, so do not expect a love or fairy-tale marriage in which you are a princess. Just dreaming like that and then disillusion can make you a bitter woman.
You are honest and expect honesty from others 
Lacking honesty in any form will destroy one of the most important elements of a relationship that is trust. When you are always honest and sincere with the one you love, at the same time, you set a similar standard.
You have cut off all of your old flames and are completely devoted to the person you love now
You may have experienced a lot of romantic relationships before, but you see it as the past that has closed and there is no longer `anything else. When the man of your life appears, you should give full and fresh love to him.
You care for your own health
Only in movies that a handsome masculine falls in love with an ill, fragile girl. In real life, men love healthy girls who can take care of themselves. Good health is also a necessary foundation for long-term romance, because marriage is not a game, it really needs a lot to cultivate.
You have a clear goal and dedication to the relationship
When you want to be with someone for the rest of your life, that love is no longer just about feelings, but it needs a plan to grow and bloom. Adults and grown-up men will choose a woman who can grow with them, achieve the same goals in life, and be a wife who can manage a family. And that ability is expressed during the relationship, in the way you cultivate it with him. This is an important trait and a must have to be a good wife.

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