The food is good for the stomach

Stomach is an important part of the digestive system. The main function of the stomach is: Mechanical mechanics of food through contraction, permeation into the food and Decompose food by digestive enzyme system in gastric juice.

  Stomach has important functions in the human digestive system. Maintaining healthy habits for the stomach can work well, preventing stomach cancer is an important job. Some good foods for the stomach we can replenish daily like:

1. Bananas.

   Bananas are one of the top fruits in the gastrointestinal tract because bananas are able to neutralize excess acid levels in the stomach, reducing the risk of irritation, swelling of the intestinal tract. According to Associate Professor Robynne Chutkan of the Digestive System, Hospital – Georgetown University (Washington, DC), the potassium content in bananas helps lower blood pressure, suppresses hypertension and damages blood vessels. . In addition, pectin found in bananas is a good soluble fiber for people with digestive disorders with constipation and diarrhea.

2. Food contains fiber.

  On the advice of nutrition experts, diet high in fiber is the main solution for people with digestive diseases, reducing the risk of stomach cancer. Should eat more green vegetables, whole grains. According to study, B vitamins are beneficial for digestive tract.

3. Herbal tea.

  Non-caffeine-free herbal teas stimulate the production of beneficial acid for digestion, preventing flatulence, indigestion. Chrysanthemum tea is the recommended herb as they work to reduce inflammation in the stomach.

4. Apples.

   Apple is a fruit recommended by experts. In apple contains pectin (a lot in the shell) – a natural fiber is soluble nature, expandable when water, to promote the action of the stomach and intestines, which makes the system more efficient. . In addition, apples also have the effect of lubricating the digestive system, providing the body with calories.

5. Ginger.

    Adding ginger to your daily diet, or taking a small glass of ginger juice daily is good for the digestive system. Ginger is also used in some cases of abdominal pain due to colds, abdominal pain of unknown cause, flatulence, indigestion.

6. Mint.

  Mint is a healthful natural herbal remedy. Mint is used in cases of abdominal pain, belching, dyspepsia, heartburn, and gastrointestinal irritation.

7. laurel leaf

   Laurel leaves are used in migraine headaches, but also stimulate digestion, reduce belching, heartburn and abdominal pain.

8. The leaves of the fennel.

  In the tree is rich in anethole – stimulant secretion and gastric juice. In addition, it contains a large amount of aspartic acid with anti-flatulence effect.

9. Yogurt.

   The microorganism found in milk does not inhibit harmful bacteria, stimulate digestion, produce lactase.

10. Avocados.

   The avocado contains high levels of potassium, fiber, cardiovascular and gastric oils that help digestion work. Every day to eat an avocado works to improve the digestive system.

   Above are 10 gold food is beneficial to the stomach. You need to see the body immediately see the abnormal symptoms such as abdominal pain, black stools, flatulence, heartburn, abdominal pain … Detection and treatment of diseases related to stomach and uterus. Gastric ligation in the early stages helps to extend the life span, minimize costs and pain for the patient.

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