How much money we spend on cosmetics is enough?

In the community love cosmetics also has many branches: as some of you just love to skincare, some of you more then just like the map make up; the abundance, only sister of senior buying; genuine buyers only branches selling in the showroom; the branch like map high-end but order from overseas; purchasing map been handbags; the students of economics students also choose a tight budget than map (map Drugstore, Korea) … and that … but General innovations back is like cosmetics, see g-chalk-Palm eyes just lit up.

But then something too, is never good, isn’t the Little Mermaid?
It is true that everyone has the passion, also have preferences, and have a passion for the hobby, then nothing is wrong at all. But tell the same, must know the balance between immediate interests and long-term economic benefits, like our money to be sustainable, rather than a new sa da on cosmetics is also dangerous not least some type of addiction. Because clown ball cosmetics cheap, you did passion and addiction map high-end isn’t careful with the date of bankruptcy if the income is not in the towering presence.
Review for coming along, then pile on the other desk full of cosmetics she makes us happier, have more life, make us more confident compared to a basic and routine skin skincare only 1 bottle of serum, a little bottle of soothing moisturizing cream and a likeable guy IZ used near new year. The cloud of powder the other materials we have used security how much% of them or to access date opened lipsticks, chalk box is still more than 90%. We hook the bag for a son that year rather special occasion colored lipstick that just counting on fingers. Thus justified?
Or need to think back on the frivolous things that are really better for my family, good for this society than it does or it only solves the most shopping habits of women, “a dua” see my sister in these box beams, beams, compliments the beauty must also try to buy about that.

Many of you reading my Blog comment that maybe should set the cosmetics rule society., if not, would also spend money on frivolous things for how millions.

Many also see at my own guilty mind can, when hook purse buy a skin bottle money million (compared to the much higher income for you the amount of several million was the fried shrimp rolls but my few million is also worth attention and amount). To those at work on the labour market through, then suddenly saw the formidable guilt because I was spending money for frivolous things so early last year when looking back more lives around themselves.
Look back at the doctor, the girl with sandals honeycomb stitch wire straps giù, strongly stain human sunshine because of sitting all day waiting for people to rent, the ones in a hurry to eat dried bread in the summer, which is when the whole day sitting in the corner don’t earn any money. They are from the regions to the city attempting to earn money to take care of the family, the children in the countryside don’t have jobs, with precarious living hoe engine today do not know what tomorrow.Keep going around the country, from rural to urban, very much the life so much.

Please find the sharp pain, found my country remains poor, there are many unemployed do not yet have a job, there are lots of things that we need to save and hand than worry consumer luxuries. The goal for how the other frivolous stuff would be better if sent to a violent illness has no money to run the cure, help more by the book plates for poor pupils to date; or do something more useful, for families, for communities around themselves.
Incredibly, right, is how spending, stores what is the right of every people, earn money then raised to personal consumption, but today really want to confide with her, just my thoughts from me, when I see the frivolous too (although compared to a lot of Mexican sister brand bags brand shoes, expensive watches, then they’re like cosmetics we don’t what to Ding is about all expenses). It is also just the lines derived from the bottom would like to share with you that only have the deep intention.

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