The secrets to a deep sleep

 A deep sleep is a necessity for every one of us. Learn some tips to help you improve your sleep.

Sleeping is the most important thing everyone must do daily to regenerate energy for the next day. Getting enough sleep can help prevent many illnesses and health problems. Otherwise, human beings will become tired and irritated. Here are the methods to help you sleep deeply.
Prepare bedding
Find yourself a bed with a good mattress with soft surface on each side that suits you. The quality of sleep depends largely on where you put your back. In addition, this will also help you protect your spine. Therefore, if you are suffering from lack of sleep, invest in good pillows and mattresses.
Do not eat sugary foods (including starch) and protein late at night
The sleep cycle will be affected by the food we eat. Stomach full of food can make you not feel sleepy. So, to get good sleep at night, do not eat foods with sugar or too much protein after 6pm.
Stop drinking coffee
It will be a vicious cycle when you use coffee to relieve the feeling of fatigue, but after a sleepless night, you feel more tired. So quit coffee to get a good night’s sleep. Only when stopped drinking coffee (especially dark coffee), your sleep cycle will return to normal immediately.
Drink hot tea or take a hot bath
When we were young, our mothers gave us hot milk and warm bath at night. This is a way to relax effectively. You can also apply this way for yourself to get comfortable and have a good night’s sleep.
Sleep for 20 minutes at noon
Having a nap longer than 20 minutes will make it hard to sleep at night. A short nap of 20 minutes at noon will help you refresh and sleep better that night.
Control your breath and keep your soul peaceful
When we cannot sleep, our thoughts are often go wild. It is these rambunctious thoughts that cause the brain restless and lead to nervous tension and excitement which is not soothing and it makes us difficult to sleep. Calm your nerves down in the following ways: first, keep your mind free of negative emotions such as anxiety, resentmentm or hatred; even the desire to sleep should be ignored . Keep your mind calm. You should keep track of your breath, watch it so that when you breathe out, you realize that you are breathing out, when you breathe in you realize that you are breathing in. Let the breath go naturally, do not handle it up or down, speed up or slow down. You just concentrate on your mind to keep track of your breath. You may ask, if there is no need to adjust the breath then for what do we follow? It is true that there is nothing to do with the breath. Watching the breath is to gather your mind, not to let go of the mind, and then you will gradually go to sleep lightly.
Go through another room when you cannot sleep
When you cannot sleep, you should go to another room to do some light workout rather than lying in bed. That will change your body state and make you feel better when you return to bed.

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