BBS beats MMS and what to do for our small businesses?

There was an important statement about: stocks outpacing the economy is not a good thing for recently. And had believed it was real.
However, BBs still did not obey and continued to do wrong things.
The trap set by BBs is so big, that they themselves get caught in that trap and can’t get out.
And what comes will have to happen.
Since the 2nd ATC session, some poles have been kicked ATC, the first message of MMs.
On the third day, everything was clear.
Small how we have to act: there is only one way to exit the goods at all costs, stand outside and observe. When BBs have been eaten by MMs, the market will be healthy again. At that time, gently pick up good stocks, in the right direction with the development of the economy and regain what was lost in this section.
In general, people forget very quickly
Or people don’t want to believe things:

Except for VNI, most stocks have passed their peak for a long time, the distribution process took place many days;
Just couldn’t sleep last night because TK suddenly evaporated a lot
It’s only this morning, just a little dip is enough to panic MP orders
And this afternoon, BBS only needed to focus on pulling the pillar, so it rushed to catch the bottom.
Some companies have run out of money for margin.

Who is that blood?
How long does this money last?
I’m sure everyone can answer for themselves.

BBs are stuck right in their trap, struggling to get out.
Tried hard, tried to pull the banks, got really high and then got caught in it and couldn’t get out.
If you want to get out, you have to beat the top, lure the bridge to discharge the goods.
But alas, MMs do not allow BBs to continue dancing.
TCB is a typical example: small enough to throw 3000 billion to pull it up in 1 session?
After that, who is brave enough to hit the floor once, if not those who are many times stronger than BBs.

Today’s session shows the desperate struggle of BBs.
Only tomorrow afternoon, or Monday at the latest, another kick.
And so on until BBs fade away.
If you don’t believe, look back at the past: 2008, 2018 to be clear.
Once the market has peaked, nothing is impossible.
Most of the controls will return to where they started up.
Banks will face the problem of bad debt, subprime lending.
Continued the process of acquiring banks with the price of 1$ as happened.

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