It has been found that killing the dangerous bacteria resistant HP

Have you ever wondered why there are some people with gastric disease with Hp bacteria who have cured with only one treatment, some have treated several times and have had several different Hp eradication regimens but they still not going away, when they retest still give the +Hp in that?

Causes of treatment for gastric failure

In fact, there are many reasons that can lead to the treatment of Hp ineffective, including the following main causes: (1) The patient does not follow the doctor’s instructions for treatment. ; (2) the doctor prescribed medications incorrectly; (3) Even if the doctor correctly prescribes to eradicate Hp, the patient who follows the exact protocol still has another cause. Resistant Hp bacteria make treatment of Hp unsuccessful. In the above reasons, the third cause seems to be more objective and difficult for both physicians and patients nowadays.

In order to destroy Hp, the patient should be treated with an antiretroviral hepatitis containing at least 2 antibiotics in combination with a gastric secretion agent. Recently, however, the first Hp infection regimen only had a successful eradication rate of Hp below 50%. The main cause is that Hp bacteria is becoming more difficult to kill, more resistant to antibiotics. The anxiety of the physicians is increasing when in a decade ago, almost no new antibiotics kill Hp was invented, patients have only the choice from the combination of the old antibiotics. If we do not destroy the Hp virus, we may have to go back to the early stages before finding the Hp bacterium, who will live with Hp for the rest of his life, the Hp complications. Caused as gastric bleeding, stomach cancer will strike more people, more dangerous.

At present, the world has emerged the virus against all antibiotics, it can also happen to Hp if we do not have a solution to stop now. Fortunately, with the available drugs, therapists, physicians and patients can do just that.

Antibody – Resistant Hp Resistant Virus

Antibodies from egg yolk help solve the problem of gastro-resistant Hp

Recently, Japanese scientists have found a way to indirectly destroy the Hp bacteria by using an antibody capable of inhibiting specific Hp bacteria. This antibody, called OvalgenHP, was invented and widely circulated in Japan as a supplement to food supplements.

After reaching the stomach, the OvalgenHP antibody quickly identifies the urease enzyme antigen on the Hp cell membrane and immediately nullifies the effect of Urease. Hp bacteria are not only not able to neutralize stomach acid in order to survive but also break down the membrane structure (because Urease is a key component of the Hp cell membrane). As a result, OvalgenHP antibodies indirectly destroy Hp and enhance the antibiotic removal efficacy of Hp, even if Hp has previously been resistant to antibiotics.

The use of OvalgenHP is recommended to be safe on most subjects including young children, pregnant women, lactating women, the elderly … except for allergy to egg yolk. After a period of use in Vietnam, OvalgenHP antibody showed superior effects compared with the use of conventional antibiotic regimen, increasing the effectiveness of eradicating Hp, anti-Hp drug resistance, especially Safe and convenient for children infected with Hp. This is really good news for people with persistent Hp.

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