You can never be rich only by working hard

 “If the only thing you do all your life is to work hard, you will never be rich.” This is a statement by a leading Wall Street expert
At school, we are always taught to work hard to be successful. The harder you work, the more money you make and you will become rich.

Will hard work make you rich?
 “It’s just part of the story,” said a CEO of one of America’s leading financial advisory firms, “If all you do in life is just to work hard, you will never get rich,” he said. Because hard work is not enough for you to make money, it is  just enough for saving.
According to this expert, to ensure a wealthy life, you have to work smart. This is extremely important especially in investment. He also advises that no one can achieve financial success if they “keep” the money they earn in their bank accounts, buy certificates of deposits, buy bonds or buy credit products. Every year, most of these forms of investment bring about low yields.
Instead, you can observe the stock market, which records average returns over 10% since the 1920s. “This is really easy and you need to make a higher profit, 6, 7, 8, 9%. That’s all you need to do to create double-rate double taxation growth steadily over the decades. ” In addition, real estate is a great investment channel you can consider, says the CEO.
 So, if you’re just starting out in business, it’s not likely to be successful in the long run. But if you know how to maximize the amount of money you have, you will definitely become richer.
Do the 3 simple steps 
To become richer there is a very simple formula: save more and spend less. However, it’s easier said than done. Here are the top tips for those who want to start the enrichment strategy.
Financial automation
Millionaire Grant started his career with only $ 2 in his account, saving him $ 1 million. During the five-year journey to a seven digit income, in addition to focusing on earning money, he saved about 50% of his income. Grant said the key to saving half of your income is to apply the form of automatic savings in your bank account. Financial automation is a step you will not fail financially. Automatic monthly saving is the effective method that I have learned to get rich, because you will arrange yourself and learn to spend money reasonably”Grant said.
Create more than one source of income
Millionaire Jay Leno is one of the most famous presenter of American television. He’s shared, from the time he started working, he had two sources of income. He would send savings to a larger source of income and expenditures from lower revenues. Even after his career flourished so far he has still maintained this habit. Starting from the belief that it will save a lot of money, use Leno’s strategy: save more income and spend less money.
Apply rule 50-30-20
Kyle Taylor, who became a millionaire in just a few years, shares a simple formula that has made him richer. That is “rule 50-30-20 percent”. 50% direct deposit to bank – check, emergency fund or long term savings account. 30% for daily spending and 20% for entertainment. “Having a percentage set up in advance gives you the freedom and control to make sure you’re making a wise financial decision,” Taylor said.

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