Autism battle

Autism is a very difficult and complex illness when autistic children are very much affected by social problems later with self-sufficiency. Living with autism is very difficult.

Autism is now a terminal illness, when it cannot be fully cured. Autism can still be cured, but it is very expensive and laborious and can not be cured completely.
Autism is a disease where, for those who have it, they tend to express themselves by living alone, doing things differently, tend to be slow to develop, difficult to learn, etc. Taking care of children with autism that are not cured early will inevitably lead to social inability to cope, inability to work, study or do anything normally. . There are still a number of autistic children with special abilities who are genius in some areas but those are very few and it is difficult to find the natural ability of autistic children. The problem of combating autism is very dreadful and strenuous, affecting the overall state of finance and security.
People with autism will have a different developmental pathway, lack of the ability to acquire, the way they interact, the direction of treatment for each person with autism. There are no cure for autism spectrum disorders. Although autism does not yet have any effective medications or treatments, there are chances and opportunities for people who are diagnosed with early onset autism and have timely and correct treatment. Children with autism at early age can be diagnosed early at age 2, and if they are diagnosed early, they may know they have autism at 1 year of age. Taking care of children with autism early and having financial and energy skills can help children before entering grade 1 to catch up with other normal children. Autism is a disease of the intellect that affects the brain that causes the person to manifest itself in isolation and isolation. It is also possible that an act or circumstance that causes a shock can also cause a person to become ill. It usually becomes autistic in short term, or it can last long if it is not detected and it continues to happen.
Autism is gradually becoming more and more difficult to control. The biggest problem is that very few schools are teaching autistic children and taking care of the employment or living problems of autistic children later on. This is also one of the concerns  of parents, for mothers with children suffering from this illness.

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