[Recipes]: Oats and peas porridge

The Mother Earth is so wonderful and majestic that it has created countless plants with extremely natural uses. Naturally, the rules for people to live and survive on the basis of plants.
Science has also studied people equipped with molar structure to crush grains and grains.
Only 4 canines came to tear and front teeth to bite food.

So why don’t we enjoy the plant resources that nature has given us to nourish our body and mind. By good sources of energy and nutrition.
That’s why Microscopy has tried to research to cook nutritious porridge dishes from seeds for babies. Our mothers and grandparents. Please continue to write the story “Herb Porridge” developed more and more people know.

Ingredients Pea oatmeal includes.
Japanese Brown Rice 3 handfuls.
Oat 3 grips.
2 Peas
Lentils 1 grip.
Prince 1 grip.
Nourishing Soup with spoon just enough.
Clean water 1 liter.
Ingredients & how to do it.
We process the seeds with a very simple soak. All types of rice grains, oats, peas, lentils are clean. Soak in clean water and store in refrigerator. Due to the hot weather or the mothers do not have time to change the water constantly.
Soak for a minimum of 6 to 8 hours or soak overnight. Then wash and put all the ingredients (except goji berries) into the water porridge pot, or cast iron pot, stew pot. According to the needs of your kitchen. No matter what the mother cooks, just think of simply cooking a traditional porridge.
Water-proof porridge pot.
I use the water porridge cooking pot because it allows me to have more time to work. Do not spend time looking after. Do not be afraid of porridge suffering from burning pot or running out of water.
The porridge cooked in the original way of water remained the same, so the sweetness of the porridge remains intact and does not drain.
Just add macrobiotic seasoning and choose the mode. After 2 hours, there was a congee porridge, when the porridge was cooked, add the goji berries and sesame oil.
Very simple, right. The key is to mix the ingredients together for balance and taste.

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