My HP infection treatment experience

I have gastritis for about 10 years, sometimes ulcers, sometimes ulcer treatment, but later re-emerged, while also doing the management in the canteen of a university in Hanoi. If I knew early on that this type of Hp bacterium was so easily infectious, causing such dangerous diseases in humans, then I was more careful in my work to avoid infecting others. I also guess that his work characteristics have influenced the community, when he was infected with this bacteria.

When I was diagnosed with Hp positive for the first time, I did not know what the Hp bacteria was and I did not want to find out anymore because my job was very busy. I use prescription medicine and have stomach aches, a bit tired but after about 1 week out of the drug, I recovered health. At that time, I was subjective, but the doctor did not really advise so I thought to drink all the medicine is completely clear and do not go to check for sure. It is because of that thought that I should go to the doctor for a year to see my stomach hurts, especially when the weather changes from hot to cold, in the winter. The doctor told me that “Hp gastritis is very difficult to treat because it can kill it, so it can get infected again”, so I no longer want treatment, I switch to Use traditional medicinal herbs such as Honey, every time you drink a little, and drink regularly at regular intervals, hoping it will help you with pain and luck.

Four months ago, my abdomen was particularly painful, more painful than before, and I had to take a break from work to see my doctor. I went to a private hospital on Le Duan Street, Hanoi because I thought that the facilities were good, and did not have to wait long. The doctor is also very caring and light endoscopy. Doctors say that gastric inflammation is Hp positive. My condition is very severe, there are many places where large mucosal edema plus some ulcers, if not treated in time, spread sores can be dangerous. I also told the doctor that he has to go to many places where he can not cure the disease, so doctors looking for treatment regimen with good medicine to cure the disease.

The doctor told me that Hp bacteria in my stomach is most likely resistant to some antibiotics, and treatment will be difficult. However, then doctors continue to prescribe four types of drugs that I know as two types of antibiotics, one type of gastric acid secretion and a liquid oral liquid to cover stomach ulcers. Most of the drugs I used to get used to …. I think, keep using this old drug, never to get sick ….

Incidentally that day there was a neighbor University pharmacist to play, so I advised him not to use the same drug as always, but should incorporate a new type of anti-bacterial antibody Hp’s new In Japan, this antibody has an effect on the resistant Hp bacteria … So I agree to use and ask the pharmacist to help. I was advised to use 2 packets per day divided into 2 times after eating to improve the effectiveness of treatment of old antibiotic therapy Hp. He also instructed me that after the treatment is completed, each month should maintain 10 days, one pack per day to prevent recurrent Hp bacteria.

After 14 days of using the antibiotic regimen with GastimunHP as directed, I continued to use stomach acid suppressant for 2 weeks later and went to check for Hp in the hospital 2 months after starting to take it. drug.

The results, surprisingly, for the first time in 10 years, I was informed by the doctor is cured of the disease caused by Hp bacteria. My doctor gave me a check for Hp by breath test, gastroscopy and even half screening. My stomach is gone, the ulcers are gone but not much. Most importantly, Hp is negative. My spirit is more fun, the stomach is better, so my health is better.

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