[Recipes]: Lotus root and oats porridge

I met her at a macrobiotic store to buy food for her grandfather. Only know to be cling, to be advised … want what is best for grandfather.
But for nourishing foods, it is very easy but also very difficult.
How to say a sentence or two, how to fully describe the meaning of macrobiotic, brings about real values
Dependency here will decide all you should do, believe or not believe it is you.
Give her the book, and have her read the main principles of macrobioticism summarized in this book.
There are things that do not understand or questions, then ask. I am ready to answer within the power of my experience.
Oatmeal lotus porridge.
Combining only 3 main ingredients, eight fragrant rice, lotus root and oats. Unexpectedly, a combination of porridge pot is really delicious, delicious and very sweet. Season with some tammari soy sauce, some sesame oil.
Dried lotus root: 10 thin slices.
Eight fragrant rice: 2 fists.
Oats: 2 fists
Warm warm water 1 liter
Spectrum of 1 leaf by hand
Tamari sauce: 1 teaspoon
Pure sesame oil: 1 teaspoon
Onions: 1 small bulb
Little pink salt
Cooking Method.
Use lukewarm water to soak the leaves after cleaning for a long time, soak them in porridge until they are soft.
Rice is soaked for 8 hours, or soaked overnight, roasted oats are fragrant, so there is no need to soak again.
Add oats, rice, water soaked in ears, lotus root, pink salt in the pot of porridge.
Cooking on a small fire gas stove or cooking with a pressure cooker, or casserole pot is up to you. As long as the soft and smooth porridge is satisfactory.
When the porridge is almost ripe, use sesame oil to fry the onions and then add to the porridge to mix well, tamari sauce to taste, add coriander to taste or do not need to be okay.

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