What is macrobiotic? – The first concept

What is macrobiotic? For this question, I would like to explain to my understanding to apply in daily life in the shortest way.
You can learn more about macrobiotic on google and wikipedia.

As a person who wants to learn about macrobiotic in order to apply it to daily life, he should pay attention to two main factors in macrobiotic which are “Philosophy & Practice”.
G.s Ohsawa’s method

The most prominent is the Method of G. Ohsawa G.s started appearing and popularized in me in Vietnam since before 1975 in the South. Commonly known as sesame brown rice (derived from I use brown rice as the basis of this method).
This name is still widely used to this day.
The convergence of philosophy and practice rests primarily on food and eating.


According to G. Ohsawa, if we are fed with appropriate food, based on the laws of the universe,
The organs in the body will operate in harmony, not only will the health be restored and brought back,
but also makes people’s judgmental wisdom clear and able to perceive the truth.

Regarding health, the concept of macrobiotic is also different from other medical backgrounds. There are 7 things to note here.
Do not be tired
Deep sleep
Good memory
Intelligence in thinking and action
There is absolute faith in justice (the cosmic order).
Of the 7 factors mentioned above, the 7th element) is more important than the previous 6 conditions combined (“Longevity method and meditation”)

The macrobiotic method aims to bring the human body back to the yin-yang balance.

From a macrobiotic standpoint, all illnesses are caused by human error, first of all, consuming food that goes against the rules of the universe causes the body to lose its balance of yin and yang. This is close to traditional medicine.

Talking about yin and yang understands the entire life of people who do not fully understand. I apply Yin-Yang to macrobiology as follows:

It’s hard to understand at first glance.

For example: In the old days, the old people used to cook vegetable soup together with mosquito nets

Because the vegetables are +, the mosquito net is negative. As this is easy to understand offline often soft and positive is hard. explain this deep, then it still depends on the nature, kick size, color, …

Speaking of Yin-Yang theory, I have read a very nice book to share and here it is:

Another very important factor is “Water”, I will also plan to have an article on Water that I hope you follow my blog more often!

Actually this is just a rough article for a first-time acquaintance with macrobiotic to feel closer and more practical to everyday life.

My article has many shortcomings, please understand!

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