Nutrition experience on macrobiotic: Change spice

After changing from white milled rice to brown rice. Next will be to change the chemical seasonings with spices that have been processed in the traditional way. Or processed by nourishing method.
Traditional spice.
The traditional spice with fish sauce is essential. Stay away from the type of fish sauce is headlining on the TV with lots of additives.
Such as fish essence, flavor enhancers, colorings, preservatives … Table of toxic additives have been put up for reference.
Replace chemical fish sauce with traditional fish sauce, a little heavy. Taste slightly salty but not as toxic as chemical fish sauce.
Never use Chinsu or Nam Ngu.
Holding back, people go to the supermarket, just look at the ingredients only. Water, fish and salt are bought. Also look at the composition of all the additives, then return it to the shelves.
Change into a vegetarian spice.
Based on the properties, spices are divided into 7 groups:

Salty condiments: including salt, soy sauce, magnesium, soy sauce, etc. All of the salty condiments use salt as the standard salinity. Most salty spices (except salt) contain significant amounts of protein.
Sweet spices: Sugar, honey, malt, etc. The main ingredients in sweet spices are sugars. Cane sugar contains saccaroza, honey contains fructose and glucose, and malt contains mantoza.
Sour spices: Vinegar, lemon, star fruit, vertical, crocodile, tamarind, … The main component of sour spices is organic acids. The sour taste promotes the metabolism of nutrients.
Bitter spices: Lemon peel, tangerine peel, water, … Bitter taste in essential oils of fruit peels. The bitterness contrasts with the sweetness, which stimulates the appetite for the person eating or has the fishy effect of the material.
Spicy Spicy: Chili, pepper, ginger, … Spicy in spices creates strong stimuli into the taste cells of the tongue, overwhelming the inappropriate flavors.
Aromatic spices: Onion, garlic, dill, coriander, herbs, …
Mixed spices: Curry powder, basil, five flavors, oyster sauce, satay, mustard sauce, etc.
Besides, people also classify spices according to structure:
Spices in crystal form: Salt, sugar, MSG, etc.
Spices in liquid form: Fish sauce, soy sauce, …
Spices in powder form: Curry powder, basil flour, …
Spices eat fresh fruit: Chili, pepper, crocodile, star fruit, …
Spices eat leaves, skin: Dill, coriander, herbs, orange peel, lemon leaves, cinnamon bark, etc.
Spices eat tubers: Gieng, turmeric, ginger, onions, …
Spices in the form of mixed solution: Biscuits, vinegar suddenly, oyster sauce, satay, soy sauce, oil, …
Change spice with spices nourishing method.
Spices made by nourishing method include: Tamari sauce, miso sauce, garlic sauce, tekka. Never mention chemicals like Chinsu, Maggi. Or any kind of industrial soy sauce that has lots of additives as mentioned above.
Nourishing condiments are expensive. Because the time to get edible products is a minimum of 3 years, the maximum is depending on the longer the treatment effect.
Refined oil, when heated at high temperatures, produces toxins. Therefore, replace refined oils with manual pressed oils such as peanut oil (peanut), sesame oil, coconut oil or soybean oil.
Limit fried and fried foods. Increase steaming or eating raw vegetables directly by rolling rice paper.
Changing spices to organic is the best choice.
White sugar is toxic. Should be replaced with cane sugar or molasses or malt processed manually.
Salt should use sea salt, looks a bit ugly. But it is the crystallization of the sea god and without the additives he cannot control.
Monosodium glutamate, seasoning powder are all toxic chemicals, eating more will destroy the brain, making intelligence less lucid. Many vegetarian forums have instructions on how to make fruit seasoning. Please refer to you. Otherwise, just using sea salt and miso of cooking macrobiotic is enough.
Replacing all the toxic items in your kitchen and using organically grown fruits and vegetables is about 50% of your family’s health.

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