Could papaya leaves treat stomach cancer?

Could papaya leaves treat stomach cancer? There is much information about papaya leaves cured of stomach cancer that is spreading widely on internet mass media. Find out how this story is real!

Is papaya a cure for stomach cancer?

According to experts, papaya leaves for stomach cancer is an impossible thing. Doctors say that stomach cancer is a difficult disease to cure, and most treatments are only effective in the early stages, with chemotherapy and radiotherapy in the late stages. Only prolong life for patients, helping patients reduce the pain.

The treatment of stomach cancer with good results also depends greatly on the faith, energy and diet, scientific activities of patients.

Some cures for stomach cancer are widely spread today is the treatment of gastric cancer with green fungus, herbal mushrooms, papaya leaves, …. These remedies are lucky people recover from illness, some people but not used much. Simply because patients are always looking for a belief to rely on, these herbs are useful rather than harmful. So many stomach cancer patients want to try their luck.

The beneficial chemical composition of papaya leaves

Some studies show that the main ingredient of papaya leaves is papain, which breaks down proteins that make it easy for the body to digest protein in the stomach, neutralize toxins, boost the immune system, Formation of tumors

According to these studies, the use of papaya leaves can not cure the disease, but can partly support the treatment of the disease.

The use of papaya leaves for stomach cancer is handed down in folk

Let’s prepare: A green papaya leaves (can be picked once a lot of papaya leaves, washed back to dry use gradually)


Wash the papaya leaves, put into a pot of 2 liters of water, use instead of tea. Drink this water every day, continuously for several months to shrink cancer cells.

This is a way to use papaya leaves to treat gastric cancer that folk have long handed down. Patients who want to do can refer.

Advice for you:
+ When the stomach cancer is detected, the patient should go to the hospital for medical examination and treatment as requested by a specialist. The longer the stomach cancer is, the better it should be treated immediately!

+ Stomach cancer is very weak, patients should split the meal to eat during the day. Also, do not go hungry, do not eat too full at once, do not eat late.

+ Patients should eat a diet rich in green vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fish, lean meat, … And limit the use of hot spicy foods, greasy, canned food, … . Having stomach cancer abstinence from stimulants.

+ People with stomach cancer need to have a scientific lifestyle to enhance their resistance. It takes time to rest, exercise, …

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