Hypnosis and mysteries in the subconscious world (Part 2)

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Whether or not hypnosis can control another’s actions? howtotreatpsychosis.info will discover the secrets of hypnosis in this article today.

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Hypnosis can also make a person forget some memory
Memory and hypnosis
In movies or entertainment programs, we find that hypnosis can also make a person forget some memory. For science, this is quite accurate but only if the hypnotized person really wants to forget it and want to follow the hypnotist’s instructions. Although those memories, when stimulated, are easy to come back to, but they can be prevented by the subconscious. Hypnosis is also capable of helping to restore your memory in a completely unconscious state. However, there is little or no evidence to show that the recovered memories are events that have occurred or that the patient is forcing himself to believe in them.
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Hypnosis is thought to have been first used in the 1800s

Hypnosis is thought to have been first used in the 1800s as a form of anesthesia, also known as “hypnoanesthesia”. However, there is evidence that hypnosis was also used in the earlier period. Recent findings suggest that ancient Egyptians or Greeks have implemented this method in rituals about 3000 years ago.

Self-control of self in the process of hypnosis
The ability to control a person’s actions of someone is perhaps the biggest mystery of hypnosis. However, as mentioned in the previous hypnosis is a state of being influenced by others and there are people more susceptible to impact than others. Being a good therapist is the first condition that a hypnotist needs. Accordingly, they will create trust by talking to you and not reveal that they can not actually control you to do everything you want. The actions you take when you are in a state of hypnosis are entirely voluntary, and the hypnotist can not control you in any way that is unethical or contrary to your beliefs.

Many people believe that people often sleep or lose our consciousness while being hypnotized, but the reality is not quite so. In the process of hypnosis, you are not only controlling your own actions, but you are still very alert. Because in this process you can hear all the things the hypnotist says if you really want to and try to listen. And if you really do not want to follow the controls from the hypnotist, you can completely resist it yourself.


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