Mineral Make Up (MMU) – Please try once in a lifetime

In this forum I look forward to receiving feedback comments, your review of the types MMU so I can synthesize and summarize for the sisters have not used or is exploring possible reference during the screening process place.
Post today I bring liberty to go into the subject with a quick introduction of the MMU, find reasons and reasons to look chon.Cac information about MMU in my article are taken from a number of articles and posts on the home page as well as forums, I just really briefly summarized for your reference.

 1. Introduction of MMU:
MMU – stands Mineral Make Up is a form of cosmetic makeup was discovered and put into use since the 1970s, however, the cosmetics in Vietnam has only been known to consumers from around 2010 pour back here.
To understand the MMU is simple makeup with the pollen particles are finely ground minerals. The mineral is used in the production of iron oxide that MMU, zinc oxide, titanium oxide, magnesium, mica, silica, kaolin (Kaolin it) …
Compared to conventional makeup (also known as Traditional Make Up), the composition of the MMU is simple, just 5-10 is essentially the same (while the conventional cosmetic ingredient list to about yeah 30-50 or more substances). The substance in the MMU majority hazardous level is very low (typically 1-3 in an elevator 10).
Because of simple ingredients and low level of such hazards should be given MMU is completely harmless to health, skin does not deteriorate when the makeup, certain types of zinc oxide MMU has also recommended to the skin humus. Also because of the ingredients Zinc Oxide Oxide and Titanium – substances commonly used in physical IPs should MMU itself is also effective sunscreen.
A further plus point of the MMU or be mentioned that the majority of these products are in powder form MMU, so the MMU will make up by gently and naturally, for coating thin enough and lighter than the cosmetic use background traditional.
Due to simple components, invented and produced behind the traditional cosmetics company known for hundreds of years so most of MMU low cost (both to attract users, and partly because the composition so the product is quite simple), only about 200-500 thousand you can buy a box MMU foundation for 6-8 months with good quality.
Add a further advantage of the MMU than traditional cosmetics is the majority kinds of MMU powder no limit use. Because components are metal oxides so we hardly degraded so you can preserve them for much larger time times normal cosmetics in good condition (avoid direct sunlight, avoid moisture, dust dirty …).
For the reasons mentioned above should MMU recent years the women have skin problems (acne skin, skin irritable), the customer wants to use a benign product, no harmful chemicals Popular and it was actually constructed a new wave, pushing the brand manufacturer MMU up to hundreds, including some prestigious brand has become a global brand.
2. Should we use MMU or not?
The answer is yes

          If you are an acne skin that work (or hobby) mandatory daily makeup, the first thing I recommend is that you should think of MMU.
Of course not the kind of MMU and you also can use, because depending on atopic skin and every type of person that does not suit the other. There were cases of irritation with MMU much worse than conventional cosmetic allergy. Therefore you have to learn and figure out a type for you.
Your skin can not have acne problems but you want makeup daily without deterioration of skin, not much impact on health, the use MMU should also be considered. At this point I use the word «should», because actually all definitions are only approximate. Good or bad in certain categories is only relative, for one person, or good with a few thousand, several hundred thousand people, but not necessarily good for you.
You are the love of cosmetics, you like to experiment, to experience the preparation, combined with vases, jars, the MMU is also worth beautiful love to try it. Because the majority of powder MMU background, so you can unleash the color mixed together, mix white background with dark tones to find the most suitable one. Mix type with type matte emulsion to create a slight glow a little background, so on and so on …
3. Disadvantages of MMU:
This does not mean that MMU is an elixir for the skin, it also is not a cosmetic no downside. On the advantages and disadvantages are under way to recognize and experience everyone is different, so I just sum up some major drawbacks when using MMU conspicuous as follows:
* Because the majority of MMU, so the powder make-up by MMU for beginners is a bit embarrassing, awkward to selecting a brush, choose a beat to give a beautiful class Finish. But just practice a few times that you can use to draw experience for me to be able to quickly makeup, beauty with MMU. I personally see no difficulty at all.
* Just because the majority of products in powder form should not convenient for carrying MMU miles back during use, however this is now no longer a problem. Some firms have launched MMU based products or powder coated compressed form as a traditional powder compact, is also very handy to carry.
* There is some suggestion that MMU’s downsides make Up not pretty, not a long stick and a coverage rate was nhue conventional cosmetics. This I think is not correct. The fact that some lines MMU for very high coverage, can cover completely acne, bruises. Grip is also good, with many reviews have said that using the MMU from morning to evening was smooth. My personal experience using MMU saw beautiful makeup aspect is no less than the traditional make-up products.
* In addition to compressed powder and powder components are simply minerals, metal oxides, the MMU labeled products such as lipstick, Masscara, cream blush … according to my research, the components will not be simple, it is less certain whether substances of «harmful» higher than traditional cosmetics, but also full of other genres. So before you go buy the best researched their constituents.
4. MMU with the object?

MMU can assert themselves with the majority of the women (except few irritated you with all kinds of MMU).
With low prices, many brands can choose from, there are many types with different coverage, the MMU is almost in line with the majority of sisters, and sisters from the office. students, students … to all the women, the elderly mother.
5. Use MMU What steps do?
Many people are still afraid to use the MMU for fear clack, many steps but I think it is very simple. You just need to do the following:
* Choose a brand MMU suit my needs (price, convenience to buy or not, see refer to the review …).
* Once you’ve selected the brand MMU Okay, next you need to select an appropriate line to your skin (usually every few lines MMU company with coverage or earned for each different skin types). Once you have selected are appropriate line, then you need to choose the color. Maybe the first time you will not buy as standard color choice, but okay. Fortunately, the majority of firms are the boxes MMU or sample packs quite cheaply (approximately 100 thousand) for you to buy and try. Then you will find a color match with the most skin.
* To use the MMU, you need to have a broom (or brush) by a majority of MMU in powder form, and MMU must also beaten with beautiful palm.
About Palm, I will have a few separate review, but bear in mind that you will buy about 200-300K is a relatively good palm trees, is the background beat, the government and blush (if you brush blush).
* Then the last step is you learn how to type. Talking to a big school, but is actually quite simple, you can ask google search for any article or review any instructions about how to beat MMU.
Taken together simply: After you skin with normal steps, you apply the cream liner (if you do not use cream liner you can apply sunscreen or without applying any further), wait for dry surface layer MMU support you brush up gone alone (if your class is too much oil nursing, you get 1 oil absorbent paper soaking up excess oil before it hit MMU).

When hit, the simple gesture like this: Pour the powder into the lid, do not touch and then tap palm pollen into pollen reduce excess lid to fall; then twist palm on how you find the most comfortable and looks the most stable layer of your background.
The first time may not like the background layer but I believe that with a few tries, things come up extremely simple. You can beat 2-3 layers depending on the coverage you want.
After hitting the substrate is done you can hit blush, eyeliner and eyeshadow hit by the product or other products MMU arbitrary.
Last day you also do bleaching, cleansing and skin care as usual. Remember that even if you use the MMU but also still have to use bleaching techniques as traditional cosmetics.
6. The MMU popular brand in Vietnam:
Some popular brand MMU with your loved mineral map in Vietnam include:
* Bare Minerals (aka Bare Escentuals abbreviated B.E)

As a pioneer in the industry of mineral cosmetics. B.E many diverse products, from skincare, make-up background, eyes, lips, cheeks … diverse tones, easily choose the appropriate color. There are lines for dry skin – oily skin often – mixed. B.E pollen smooth, easily beat no fear of thick laminated surface. B.E famous product and accounts for over 60% market share in the US MMU, was Shiseido acquired company. However, mineral B.E Bismuth Original line – the minerals can cause irritation to some people, so you do less irritable skin, you should try before or choose Matte line is the line no bismuth.
Another disadvantage of the product is reasonable B.E high price.
* Joppa:

There are products from the foundation, loose powder, blush.
Joppa Vietnam was much loved sister, Joppa known for products high coverage, good oil control, leather case with acne products containing zinc oxide. Of Joppa pollen pretty big for B.E so when used, there must be more careful when evaluating multiple layers, avoid being impudent. Joppa also tones with not much but absolutely B.E can mix colors together to choose the appropriate color. Another advantage of cheap Joppa.
* Silk Naturals:

Silk Naturals products include foundation, loose powder, blush and lipstick nature. Silk Naturals products are cheap and easy to buy.
Silk Naturals foundation consists of white powder as a base and powder packages (with different tones) to blend form a unified background color to the skin of users. Chalk’s famous Silk Naturals smooth, small particles, thin, transparent. Consistent with little skin defects, average oil alkalinity.
* Buff’d:

 Brand products from Canada, which is favored by high coverage, good oil control, extremely diverse tones. With hundreds of color overall, you can absolutely choose the skin color with its attractions. Buff’d chalk also cheap price, views over 300K a full box of chalk and a lot, spoiled the whole year not used before.
However the downside is Buff’d to pollen, little shop selling the purchased product should also not simple.
* Pur Mineral:

 The company often sold sets, but I have compressed powder is less users and Review is not good. High prices also par B.E.

In addition to the brands distributed by laptop on the road in Vietnam today, the brand had some imported MMU and sold in showrom (in Hanoi and HCMC have stores) as Bella Pierre Jane Iredale … However, the two brands on prices are relatively high compared with the average MMU, which is significantly higher prices Bella Pierre.
Add one more thing is the view component of Jane Iredale products, I think that most of the components are fairly complex, not merely the mineral.
MMU in Vietnam 7. Where to buy:
* If you choose to distribute these two brands are genuine as Bella Pierre, Jane Iredale, only work on their website and place an order or visit their showroom to try and buy the product.
* Choose the brand notebook there are some Shop sold as follows: She sells a lot Sper B.E kind words to Silk Naturals, to Buff’d. But she was busy Pm slightly longer answer, also slightly higher price, she Sper sold both in HCMC and in Hanoi. Besides, there are several shops selling more MMU as Lavender Shop in HCM City, this catalog is diverse, including Pur Mineral, Joppa, Silk Naturals. Then Meoheo Shop in HCM City, only to sell and Pur Mineral Silk Naturals. My Shop in Long Xuyen Tram (I only sell Joppa), naobeauty shop in Hanoi (with B.E and a few others).
You can search a GG is decent shops in Vietnam selling MMU.
8. MMU expensive?
CHEAP have confirmed.
Except for a few high price brand like Bella Pierre, Jane Iredale, the majority of medium and low price MMU.
With approximately 600K BE is you just buy a box full foundation, and reach for a box of 400 K Joppa Full.Voi blush or Silk Naturals, the longer cheap Buff’d, between 200-300K as you can using a chalk box for 6-8 months.
Temporary replacement for the conclusion of Part 1, I wish to share this opening can bring a panoramic view of the MMU and simple so that you do not know or have not used this type of makeup products can refer. The next section I will assess the details of the products used, advantages and disadvantages and integrated, the Reivew of each Brand.

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