10 parents’ mistakes in teaching children (Part 2)

Teaching your children is a common goal for all parents. But not everyone achieves the goal, due to mistakes in the process of raising children.

Following the article, “10 parents’ mistakes in teaching children (Part 1)”, let’s take a look at the 6 remaining mistakes parents usually make.
5. If your children are too shy, it is because you help them too much in doing many things 
Facing fear is something adults and children must do at least once in their lives. Even so, it is also the treatment of some psychological diseases people suffer. So, from a young age, let your child interact with the world and experience everything. They will learn to be self-sufficient, manage themselves and face difficulties and fears.
Of course, people still have the fear of biological nature such as fire fear, fear of poisonous snakes, …
6. If they are jealous, it is because you compare them with others too many times
Each human being is a separate entity, has its own circumstances, personal life and personal capacity. Comparing one to another is not a good thing, and there is no reason for us to do it with our children. Your child may not be smart, he is not the top student but he is very good footballer and the fastest. That means your child can grow up to be a player or a talented athlete. Even if your child does not have any talent, he can be a good citizen and good for society.
Try to think yourself! If your boss compares your ability to work with a co-worker and thinks you are less capable, do you feel hurt? If it goes on continually, will your sympathy with your colleague remain, even if that person is completely innocent? Children are also hurt and gradually become hater of children you compare them with. It forms the pathway for creation of jealousy in children.
7. If children are easily irritated, it is because you scolded them more than praise them for good deeds
Your efforts at work are completely unrecognized, but you will be immediately blamed for a minor mischief. That is the same feeling of children when scolded much. Children are lack of experience, not fully developed, so the good deeds they do, albeit very small, is also worth praising because that could be their great effort.
Praise will become a motivator for your children to try harder. All the time just hearing scolding, you have to be annoyed, so why do you blame the children?
8. If children do not respect others, it is because you always give orders to them without caring how they feel
You unintentionally teach your child that only your opinion is worth attention, and what others think is not important. They will take it to treat people, sometimes you. They will quietly listen to you, but never respect your words, because what they want is more important than what you want.
9. If children say little or nothing with you, it’s because you always take everything as serious
Whatever they say or explain, everything is … extremely bad. The thought: “Everything you do is extremely bad. Your mistake is unforgivable” will go from you to the children. At that time, they become shy, scared; it’s even worse  when they do not care about how they have to do in a right way, regardless of what you say.
First of all, give your child the opportunity to express his / her point of view so that the problem can be viewed in two dimensions. Next, carefully review the problem. And finally, even if they are wrong, give them a chance to repair and change.
10. If a child behaves rudely, it is because he or she has learned right from the parents or the people living with them
In the end, children learn inherently bad things from adults. They are pure like white papers, so for good or bad they follow you.

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