The impact of stress on us?

The impact of stress on us

When a person is stressed for a long time, they can not be relieved, which causes both physical and emotional suffering. Here are 10 risks that affect the brain, heart, lungs, eyes, skin, stomach, head … that American researchers have found.

Stress affects our brains
Affect to the brain
Constant insomnia caused by stress causes the brain to become less active, more alert, even at greater risk of serious injury. Just do not sleep for 20 hours in a row, the level of flexibility and control of the brain will be reduced by the same amount of alcohol in the study. Blood is more than normal 50%.
Affect to the heart
When stressed, the body releases large amounts of cortisol hormones, contributing to the development of high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. In addition, stress is the cause of mental mood, lazy movement, if people have habits of using more sugar and animal fat, the risk of cardiovascular disease is very unavoidable.
Affect to the lungs
In addition to cortisol, stress also stimulates the adrenal gland to release adrenaline. As the amount of this hormone increases, the breath is often rapid, not deep. This explains why psychologists advise people to stay calm whenever they experience stress or anxiety by trying to breathe deeply and regularly. People who suffer from asthma or other respiratory illnesses will get worse.
Affects the eyes
It is easy to see that fatigue, tension is always the leading cause of insomnia. In case of insomnia, besides some common symptoms such as poor mood, raw skin, body weakness …, eye fatigue, dark circles or redness is very easy to occur. Long-term insomnia can even reduce vision as well as cause more serious eye diseases.

Don’t forget to relax
Affects to your skin
One of the main effects of stress on the skin is to stimulate the sebaceous glands to function so that the skin becomes less smooth, accelerated aging and acne prone, according to scientists at the Freedom University in Berlin. There are also other dangerous diseases such as eczema, candles, etc.
Affects to your back, neck
In addition to the harmful effect of breathing becomes urgently, adrenaline hormones also make the muscles easy to tense, tired. This explains why the back or neck is prone to stiffness or pain when the spirit of tension, weakness. Scientists believe that stress not only makes us lazy but also tends to lie, sit, walk, stand … not reasonable, more tired.
Affects to your stomach
When stressed, hormones that enhance blood flow to the muscles of the body are significantly reduced, resulting in reduced mobility or contraction of the muscles, including Stomach, leading to indigestion, flatulence and bloating.
Affects the teeth
When the spirit of collapse, tension, activity of the immune system becomes less effective, the risk of heat stroke (also known as chills) in the roof of the mouth, gums, gums, tongue … will be very high.
Affect the head
Stress is one of the main causes of headaches that are easy to stun, fatigue, including chronic headaches. This risk is higher if the back and neck are hurt while the stress is tormenting.
Impact on quality of life
Lastly, the most damaging effect of stress is the negative impact on the spiritual life. Without timely control measures, stress will gradually diminish the ability of thinking, memory, self-control, judgment … of the patient, and at the same time easily lose faith in life, It steals your energy, causing you to lose your will to rise.

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