The reasons why children do not want to talk to parents


Parents often complain that children do not talk or share feelings with them. So why do not children like to confide in their parents? here’re the reasons.

There are things that happen but parents do not know, maybe children only talk about serious problems to a stranger on the internet, a close friend, a neighbor or someone who is not their parents.

Let us find out why:

Parents are often not the ones who understand their children most
Parents always think that their children are too young and do not understand anything, so children usually never dare to raise their thoughts. So, whenever they have a question they want to ask their parents, the parents usually brush it off and do not listen. Whatever the case, whether good or bad, if parents don’t like the subject, it is most probably that the children will be scolded. Since then, children will gradually lose faith in their parents and keep distance from family members.
Therefore, parents need to know a  proper way of loving their children, so that when they want to confide, the person they seek will be the family, not someone else

Parents always have favorites

Parents always have favorites

Shared love often causes psychological trauma. Let’s take a case where an elder child is enjoying the love of parents, suddenly a new baby appears, the older one often feels short of love. And this is also the cause of jealousy as well as the dissatisfaction of the children in the family.

Sometimes it’s just something that parents give to this child but not to the others… Children may not understand why parents are so absurd? Maybe their parents do not love them?

Imposing the child 
Adults often do not give their children the choices they want, but always give their point of view to impose on their children. What to do, who to love, who to marry, parents always want to be decisive. And despite the fact that parents always want the best for their children, but the children may not like it and because of filialness they should follow the decision of the parents.
Parents, just think, do you ever ask children what they want? Have you ever allowed your children to decide what they want? It is things that parents are doing unintentionally put pressure on their children’s future. So how can they confide in their parents?

Children cannot be themselves in front of parents 

Children cannot be themselves in front of parents

There are things a child want to say, there are things they want to do, but in front of their parents they cannot he speak. Living in the family with the people who gave birth to them but children cannot share their thoughts and feelings, cannot find sympathy from their parents. And there are times when they want to give up everything, to run away from the world and from the family. Then they have to find someone who understands them, empathizes with them to be able to live their own life.

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