What kind of cosmetics are you carrying when travelling?

What cosmetic items do you often  take when traveling? so simple in my skincare routine should back away again, I would minimalist as possible will bring some things.
Today I share with her about the items that I carry when traveling this summer.

Regarding the type of skincare: I brought Cetaphil cleanser (for both dark and light), this I’ve Review here I got you.
The next problem: to lotion, I just take each Iluma Serum is the brand’s skin lightening Image Skincare, this child has skin lightening, skin smoothing and moisturizing effects included. I will review the details in the near future.
I use sunscreen for the face of Josie Maran Mois Tinted always has SPF30, but sailing is not enough, but I seem to have brought Avene SPF50 sunscreen to apply when taking a bath, the private, Tinted Mois normal of Maran with Jossie I was big enough for the base, sunscreen, and nourish yin.
(I always liked things like that n in 1, also by clicking bowl I fear that warrants multiple layers).
Then of course, Bare Minerals and Mineral powder, here and haunting my recent months, she helped many purposes for me from skincare to makeup.
I bring you palm palm of Bare Minerals also tiny, you should buff fur chalk this very fine, size is only as big as your index finger only, rolled metal plating chảnh looked extremely bright. This I fully apply tough positions like eye sockets, nose and left side is extremely convenient, can be entered for handset.

The picture is said she watched as her small, just by asking high Velvet Bourjois lip only.
Son, I mamg under a support of Estee Lauder lipstick, a lipstick red orange cream Bourjois # 03 Hot Pepper is enough already. Sea waves slipped away shirt but lip color does not fade as well.

I did not bring shower gel because Cetaphil cleanser used always to shower, shampoo, then buy some shampoo and blow the whole package is enough, I was not so perfectionist about the bath.

I’m so afraid of perfume in the bag should never be perfume.

A total of only these things along well, nor add any more light. Hi, and she saw no less than, ah forget I also carry a child again scouring Skinfood face of forgetting not to stand in the general shooting, you scouring the crime too.

With such simple dishes, I only took a very small space in your luggage for cosmetics, also carry more or less, to bring what is depending on the needs and preferences of each person, so long as we see and comfortable enough.
Finally, she would like to wish the trip was great.

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