Herbal milk – experience from people who have done it wrong so many times

I have experienced from the process of making milk at home, so I am very limited, hope everyone contribute more to complete

My motto is to use Vietnamese goods but to understand the origin clearly because of economic conditions.

Firstly, the selection of ingredients and the ingredients that I use and combine (saving time and effort in soaking seeds)

– Oat seeds choose the kind of instant grain that has been rolled
– Roasted cashews with salt (for a long time)
– Millet has been peeled
– Forest walnut seeds
– Green beans have small seeds
– Black and blue heart
– Red beans
– Nuts of mind
– Fresh or dried lotus seeds “depending on where available”
– goji berries
– Brown rice
– Pumpkin seeds
– Macca
– Cashew
– Sharing

Now, many of the imported counties have official quota or handbook with an organic certificate of absolute safety:

Circuit type

Sweeteners are now quite abundant
Goji berries apply to milk for sweetness when they do not want to use sugar (I love this one) Or combine cooking with millet and lotus seeds, then grind milk.
You can use dates, dried apples (clean goods) to get the natural sweetness
Palm sugar, Cambodian palm sugar, molasses, alum, malt, Thai organic sugar, sweet grass, coconut sugar, alum sugar … are many different types depending on the economic capacity of each household. families that choose accordingly.
The rule to use sugar is that depending on the color of the milk cup, different types of sugar are combined. If you want to change the color of the milk, use alum sugar, if available yellow milk, use jaggery.
(Note: if you don’t know the taste of jaggery, you will feel like having a cup of milk when you drink milk, personal feeling is like)

Millet, lotus seeds, corn milk, sweet potato, beans of all kinds, combined with jaggery are quite good
The seasonal accompanying foods such as corn, potatoes, avocado, carrots, pumpkin, bananas, strawberries …
The principle of making your own milk is to combine the dense grains with unmatched particles (to create a cup of medium-density milk that is easy to drink)
The estimated number of seeds is 100 grams of seeds with 1 liter of water. We obtained 1l of nut milk. Density or dilution increase or decrease the amount of seeds depending on the interests of the baby and the family. Diluted into milk, condensed into a snack for children known as “Smoothie”.
Using a mill with a filter in the middle helps us save filter time, requires the seeds and water to press the button, add sweetener and puree, pour into a cup and enjoy. If the grinder does not have a filter, we use stainless steel filter bags or rails to ensure hygiene, clean filter bags and dry sun neatly stored after use.
For babies who are 6 months old, train them with seeds like oats combined with pumpkin or lotus seeds …. Babies begin to drink granulated milk, so use a nut to cook milk, cook diluted and practice for your baby to adapt gradually such as cashews, macca, almonds … Next, mix another 2.3 seeds when you have cooperated. Carefully filtered no more granulated pigs, children are easier to drink.
Summarizing the above two ideas gives quite a good combination:





Seeds that have been roasted, ready-to-eat, do not need to be cooked when making milk, use boiling water to cool to make milk, if you like to drink hot, grind with boiling water, avoid re-boiling the milk easily separated precipitate).
Dried beans, such as beans, should be soaked for at least 8 hours. Replace the soaked water several times and cook well before grinding to avoid splitting (precipitation).

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