Signs of adult autism: What is the life of an adult autistic? (Part2)

After disappointment came the will to fight. Charles’s parents decided to diagnose the son further. Charles underwent specialist research. It turned out that he hears perfectly, genetic tests did not show abnormalities. They came to the psychologist. There was no doubt about it. Diagnosis: autism. “ We got addresses of Hospitals where they worked with such children. We drove with Charles every three months and were taught how to work at home. Charles was slowly changing, he was no longer fighting and he was looking at us sometimes. After a few years of hard work, he ate, walked, even smiled. But he still did not speak. Years passed and nothing happened. Therefore, it was proposed that Charles go to the speech therapist. And so we hit Ms Anne. It was already clear at our first meeting that Charles did not want to learn to speak. He showed that he wanted to write on the computer”, says Elizabeth.
Discover the talent of the autistic
“It turned out that the son knows all the letters. He sat down and started writing his notes. The joy was enormous. I cried with happiness” – recalls Elizabeth. What is Charles writing about? – About everything. About what happened that day, about what pleased him and what upset him. “Exactly what other children talk about at dinner with their parents” – says Elizabeth. Charles’s records are an important clue to his parents – they know what he wants, what he knows, what hurts him, what he dreams of. But Charles, despite living with his parents, does not want to write to them. His notes are addressed to Ms. Anne, the speech therapist. He talks to her in writing.
The functioning of an adult autistic in society
In the Country it is not so colorful. Charles after graduating from junior high school goes to the first class of professional adoption – profile of souvenirs. He want to feel needed, do something valuable, get an education. Therefore, he gets up at 6 a.m. every morning, feeds his beloved meals for breakfast, goes to work with his dad, goes to school with his friends. When he returns, he is always waited for at the bus stop. I gave up my job to be with him always. We are very proud of Charles that he has come so far. But we are aware that unfortunately our son cannot function alone. As my husband aptly said, there must be a guardian angel behind him – then he feels confident. We are aware that regard to his illness, Charles will always arouse sensation”, says Elizabeth.
What the adult autistics think about
Charles’ parents dream to publish their son’s notes. – It would be good reading for those who do not know what is going on in the head of a adult autistic. Maybe thanks to that they would find out that autistic is also a person who thinks and feels. And just as it is easy for us to hurt him – says Elizabeth.

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