How to measure your level of fear

How to measure your level of fear

Each of us in life is confronted with different types of emotions ranging from sadness, fear, anxiety and memory. But how to quantify the emotional state is still a very difficult problem. We have learned that British scientists have created a game that allows us to measure the level of human fear.

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This game is not for the weak, and certainly not for the shy

This game is not for the weak, and certainly not for the shy. However, is it true that all these players are brave people? It may be but how to know who is brave more than who now.
Beside helping people entertain these activities is done to measure the level of fear of people in the face of sudden change situations. The participants in the game will be attached sensors on people. These sensors will transfer the parameters of the blood pressure, heart rate or relative humidity of the participants to the analyzers. Thanks to these parameters, the machine will measure the emotional state of the participants.
The person with this unique idea said: “We want to check everyone’s heart, changes in heart rate. You can see that your heart’s activity is constantly changing. When you have a certain emotion your heart works differently, when you breathe another heart and when you are comfortable resting your heart is different. We have a very powerful software to analyze all the data collected. This project, in addition to helping to assess the courage of each person, is the simplest way to test their health. “
Measure your level of fear
But one problem is the accuracy of the tester because if someone tries on the test a few times, they will get accustomed to the movements and changes in heart rate as well as other emotions also change. Many others say that the courage of each person manifests in different fields and circumstances. Therefore, this level of courage is only relatively accurate.

Everyone has their own deep dark fears
The creator of the game at the same time as this testing machine himself thinks that the idea of ​​measuring his courage is just an approach, an idea of ​​human emotional measurement. He also said that a lot of people registered to test their courage here. And he had expected to set up more areas to measure the level of courage or test fear in more places.

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