Vitamins are a cell-forming factor in macrobiotic methods

A person who regularly eats without blood supplements. Sooner or later they will have anemia and low blood pressure.
There are people who eat blood supplements but still have anemia, there are many other causes. One of those causes. It may be because they lack vitamin b12, folic acid, an “hematopoietic” enzyme.
Folic acid
Many women took folic acid during pregnancy. They know it is important to take folic acid as it is very important, to blame the deformed baby.
In fact, folic acid is an important “enzyme” in the synthesis of hematopoiesis. Therefore the role of folic acid or vitamin b12. Not only for the period of pregnancy, but also for every stage of life.
If a girl suffers from low blood pressure, anemia and a lack of sugar during pregnancy, she can easily pass the disease on to her baby. Infusing weak health to the baby. A baby may be born with weak physical strength, even hemangioma.
The lack of vitamin B12.
Lack of vitamin B12 can cause fatigue, stress, dizziness, numbness, and throbbing pain in your fingers and toes. The serious shortage. Long-term vitamin B12 can lead to loss of movement, mobility, or memory loss.
For those who are not vegetarian. Foods rich in vitamin b12 such as: Oysters, oysters, clams, chicken liver, salmon, herring, sardines, crabs, beef.
For vegetarians. Soybeans, whole grains, milk and yogurt, cheese, chicken, greens, cauliflower, green papaya ……
You pay the utmost attention to this issue.
Especially in a prosperous society, beauty, beauty, skin. Many women fasting, drinking plenty of cool and sour substance to keep fit, beautiful skin, they need to check their blood pressure.

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