The secrets to a happier life

There is a saying: “In human life, eight or nine among 10 things can make one not satisfied”. That is life.

In everyday’s life, a lot of things happen that make us unhappy. There are many things that one wants to do, but cannot; many things one hates but cannot avoid. People  regret doing unworthy things or not doing worthy things; regret good things in the past that no longer exist; worry about the future; fear of the risks of all kind … That is life; in the past, now, tomorrow is the same, forever it will not change . However, if you change your mind and your way of thinking or some habits, life will naturally become fun. Let’s find out some tips for a fun life: 
Respect people around you
A research on 70-year-olds has shown that: The happiest old people are those who cherish their friends and family around them, who work hard to maintain their relationships. The system becomes more intimate. Life experiences as well as many studies show that when a person has positive feelings toward others, such as love, compassion and gratitude, then the body produces biological compounds responsible for happy feelings. On the other hand, negative feelings towards others such as disdain, hate, fear and anger will motivate the body to produce biological agents responsible for bad mood. Even when you don’t want to make the benefit for others, you at least should care about your own sake by building up your love and respect for others. It is strange and marvelous that human beings have been programmed in such “moral” direction.
More time better than more money
Research shows that happy people prefer to have more time than more money. This proves a fact: Those who cherish time over material are the ones who always have the satisfaction in life. Don’t we need money? Why don’t we need money?! With money one cannot not buy everything, but without money one cannot buy anything. The trouble is that, people are often too passionate about money and about making money so much, but sometimes forget other values of life, forget about what makes them happy, serene or satisfied. Therefore, besides making money, we should also spend time retreating, seeking peace of soul and seeking relaxation; take the time to experience the pleasures of meeting friends, travel, sports, games, cuisine and other passions. Moreover, you should not forget to take care of your health with medical examination and treatment, learn and apply ways to make the body healthy and avoid health risks. Therefore, it is necessary to devote adequate time to other things that make you happy, both physically and mentally healthy; do not just give full attention to money and asset.
Frequent meeting with friends
Frequently encounters with friends help us have more fun moments. Meeting people who are funny, talking with people, and enjoying the joy of everyone also give you more fun. Introverts often prefer to live a less visible life, but sharing emotion also make them feel satisfied. Therefore, if you are an introvert, it is not bad, really, but sometimes you should still get out of your tight space to get into life with others. 
Take care of those around you, help people have a good time
In psychologist’s words, people who do good work often have a much happier life than others. If you always treat people friendly, make others happy, then you are happy too
Learn to live with the present moment
Researches show that people who have the habit of retreat, meditating, or who know how to live with present moment, will be happier than others. There is also research that indicates that, when concentrating attention, the mind is united, that is the serene and happy moment. Live with the present moment is to put your mind to the things that are going on, when you go, keep you mind on going, observe what is going on around you can see, hear, smell, feel. When eating, focus on eating, tastes, smells the food have. Do not let your thoughts run wild, jump from one to another. It is the thought that makes people tired and get nervous and sleeplessness.
With just a few tips, you will have a fun life, really.

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