How to Identify The Resistant Hp Bacteria

Hp antibiotic resistance after changes to fight the effects of antibiotics called resistance Hp bacteria. Hp bacteria can resist the effects of an antibiotic or a variety of drugs depending on exposure of Hp bacteria to each antibiotic. For antibiotic resistance Hp 1.2 antibiotics, doctors can choose other drugs combined in the treatment of Hp. For multi-drug resistant Hp, which is resistant to most antibiotics, combination therapy should supplement Hp (OvalgenHP) antibodies with not as high a success rate as bacterial treatment. Hp normally.

Currently, rates of Hp-resistant bacteria are increasing, making treatment for eradicating Hp ubiquitous. According to some studies, up to 50% of the cases of Hp failed after the first regimen; for children, this figure was even more than 50%. Therefore, recognizing that Hp-resistant bacteria and appropriate management measures will help you protect your health, avoid wasting money and time on unsuccessful treatment.

To know the most accurate Hp bacteria in you are resistant to antibiotics or not you need to do antibiotics. The process of producing antibiotic resistance is as follows:

Gastroscopy and gastric biopsy with Hp.
2. Use of Hp biopsy to culture Hp bacteria develops in special media.
3. Test the sensitivity of Hp bacteria to different antibiotics.
4. Return the results after a few days of culture.

Antibiotics are a practical way of knowing if antibiotics are susceptible to antibiotics

After the culture of Hp bacteria in the special environment with the test antibiotics. If Hp bacteria develops in an environment where antibiotics have been implanted, they are resistant to that antibiotic, and antibiotics are no longer used in the treatment of Hp in patients with Hp.

However, antibiotic resistance to Hp bacteria is a time-consuming, time-consuming, no-nonsense technique that can not be used in the diagnosis and treatment of Hp. Hp antibiotic treatment is mainly carried out in scientific research.

In fact, physicians often conjecture that there is more experience of drug resistance and more practical visits. For example, a patient with a gastric pathology that has been identified as Hp positive will be prescribed a basic treatment regimen consisting of two antibiotics and one antacids. After one and a half months from the date of treatment, the patient will be screened for any remaining Hp infection. If Hp is still positive, the doctor will see if the patient complies with the treatment regimen, if they forget the medication, take other medications … Everything does not have a problem with the disease. The doctor predicts that Hp is resistant to at least one antibiotic in the old regimen and gives the patient a new regimen. And so on for the next time ….

Thus, the treatment of Hp is more difficult than before because the doctor does not really know what the patient’s Hp antibody is sensitive to and what antibiotic regimen to choose.

Thus, there is now a tendency to use a combination of Hp antimicrobial therapy alone and Hp antibody (OvalgenHP) to destroy the Hp bacteria more effectively. The OvalgenHP antibody will do the job of damaging the bacterial cell membrane structure, making antibiotic-resistant bacteria susceptible to antibiotics and be more easily destroyed by antibiotics. Thanks to this combination, the effectiveness of the treatment regimen Hp is guaranteed and improved markedly. In addition, OvalgenHP antibodies also help prevent infection of Hp bacteria during treatment, anti-recurrent Hp after successful treatment. This is truly a breakthrough scientific information in the treatment of Hp pathogens, especially in the context of increasing resistance Hp in both adults and children.

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