Skills that help you increase your opportunities

Your employment opportunities depend on your own skills.

For a long time, people who are well-trained and have degrees, especially university degrees or higher degrees, haven’t have to worry much about employment opportunities. Academic learning in school is almost enough for them to work for life, which basically does not have to be updated with much new knowledge; because new knowledge in each field does not increase much after a few decades.

However the situation has changed, science and technology has expanded, making new information in every field increase day by day. A person who has graduated from college but does not update his skills quickly will not be able to meet their job requirements due to lack of knowledge.
Education is also open to a larger crowd in the form of learning in school or distance learning, intensive or in-service study etc… so many people can be proffesionally trained, which leads to and getting a job is increasingly difficult.
The nature of work becomes increasingly complex, requiring professionalism in many areas, the workload of one single task can be very large with such a short time to complete, so a person can hardly finish the task on right time, quality requirement cannot be met, so it takes many people in one group to perform one task perfectly. Teamwork has its own nature. Unlike the case where a group of people work together in one place and have their own independence, teamwork requires interaction, sharing (information and tasks), companionship and muatual understanding. Is it difficult to find a job? Yes, but not quite so. It is difficult, because you have to cultivate many skills in addition to your academic knowledge. However it is not entirely difficult because there are ways to overcome this challenge.
Here are some skills you might need when you want to increase your job opportunities in these days and age:
Thinking and working independently and proactively
You must be able to identify your own goals, work out solutions, select the right team, find resources, access information and knowledge needed for the job. You cannot wait for others to guide, order, control or monitor. You must be your own boss.
Problem-solving skills
You will not have the opportunities to do repetitive things. You must always take on new tasks that you have not done before, or do not have much experience in. Therefore, besides professional knowledge, problem-solving skills is required. What you have to do is identify the problem, sort it out, use the tools you have available to solve, and get into the specific resolution process.
Critical thinking
Requirements for independent thinking and problem solving ability are what you need to be able to evaluate and identify weaknesses of a process and work out a solution. That is the skills for critical thinking. Critical thinking is more than just reception and maintenance of passive information; it is the process of thinking that argues against the outcome of another thought process that can be redefined. In order to do this, there is a need for clear, evidence-based, logical and objective arguments. 
Team working skills
Teamwork is the interpersonal skill for team members, so that they can promote the tasks’ development. When working in groups and achieving goals, each team member must maximize their strengths to complement one another. At the same time, team leader must master skills such as building one’s main role, managing meetings or creating and stimulating potentials … to achieve the best teamwork.
Communication skills
The purpose of having communication skills is to deliver the message to the audience most effectively. To do this you have to transmit your thoughts and ideas accurately so that the listener does not misunderstand. This skill is applied in activities such as performing presentations to the crowd, listening and gathering information.

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