Is it possible to beat BBS in the financial markets?

This is a question that is constantly on the mind of every individual investor (especially when it comes to losses!). You always hear people say that the stock market is only for BBs, for professionals with lots of inside information. The individual investor can only lose, let alone beat the market.

In this article, I will share with you real stories about the inherent weaknesses that BBs face. You will find that you are lucky as an individual investor!

Feel lucky that you are an individual investor!

BBs I want to talk about here are investment funds, investment blocks, self-trading in securities companies, companies or trust groups that manage accounts with a large total investment capital, at least over 100 Billion.

So, can you win BBs?
To answer this question you first need to determine in more detail who your opponent really is on the other side of the battlefield. Investment funds, investment blocks in securities companies always have a large team of analysts, CFA, MBA, Master degrees… have them all.

Each analyst will always be assigned to research and monitor a number of industries and specific businesses, some of whom are assigned to analyze and evaluate the macro and world situation. Professionalism is put to the highest level. Macro or corporate data is also purchased from the most complete and up-to-date data platforms such as Bloomberg, Reuters or Stoxplus.

And yet, BBs also have the ability to quickly update information from businesses. Normally, if I identify a stock that falls within my target, I can easily contact the business and schedule an appointment with a company representative to ask questions about the strategy, the business. company’s current.

In most businesses, their representatives always welcome investment funds and securities companies (there are still some cases where the Board of Directors does not like securities funds and companies). Within about 1-2 weeks, BBs have had almost all the most up-to-date information from businesses, including estimated information that has not yet been reported to the outside world.

Individual investors, of course, cannot do this.

But in fact, I think that individual investors with a clear investment strategy and philosophy will easily win BBs.

We will discuss in detail the features of BBS in the following article. Visit for more details.

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