7 important lessons in life we ​​often overlook

The difficulties in life teach us many things. Here are 7 very important lessons but we often realize it too late.
Opportunity only comes to you once. In order not to miss it with regret you should prepare yourself well before journey. Hope the following suggestions can help you in preparing your journey through life.

1. Wanting to do what you like, you have to work three times more than others
Sometimes, we may not do what we like, instead, we do what our parents or relatives want us to do. At that time, we simply accomplish our tasks, not putting our hearts into work. Therefore, once you have identified what you love, you must exert yourself to prove your strength to the world. Just because this is your privilege, your choice, not the expectation of anyone.
 2. Behind anger is always fear
The lesson from Yoda the master of  premonition in “Star Wars”: “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hatred, hatred leads to suffering.” When we suffer, the world around us will become negative. We are afraid of loss, fear of injury, fear of abandonment, fear of losing everything … Therefore, refrain from anger and optimistic thinking.
 3. Daily habits are the premise for the future
What you do today will be the foundation to help you shape your actions in the future. Practicing a habit, after a week you may not see the change. After 1 month, you will see small differences. After a year, two years or five years, you will no longer recognize yourself. So do not underestimate the power of small habits. Practice good habits and multiply them over time.
 4. Train your emotions
You may find it hard to believe but you can totally train your emotions. You can train humility, forgiveness, self awareness or humor. You can also exercise controlling anger, conflict. No one was born with discomfort. This is a necessary lesson if you really want to succeed in life. Train yourself to have more fun in life.
 5. Everybody have their own problem
This may sound negative, but in fact, you have to admit that everyone has different dreams, goals, aspirations, or relationships. We can trust friends but cannot control them; moreover, we cannot expect them to help us in doing everything. Instead, get yourself motivated, do not wait for help from someone else, go ahead and try to fulfill your own dreams.
6. Achievement is a journey, not a destination
The road to success is a journey of effort and effort. What you learn in all the process is your achievement. Stumbles, ridicule, suggestions, … are priceless lessons that no school can teach you. If you cannot enjoy the journey together with those around you, even if you achieve your goals, you cannot be happy because you have spent all the way alone and tired. And all the things you tried to do became meaningless.
 7. Always smile even when worked hard 
Smile can connect people,  smile can solve not only the problem but also open up new possibilities. The joy with power of spread is wonderful. Smile will help you relieve stress in the work, making the atmosphere around you more fun. And more than that, smile will get you closer to people and bring more than what you can imagine.

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