Excellent ways to deal with bad colleagues (Part 1)

Being smart with bad colleagues is an art. Did you know?

In a corporate environment like the office, you will see the multitude of characteristics of your colleagues. Someone are very kind, always ready to help you. Conversely, there are people you can’t stand. But of course, you should not “boil” them, because even though they belong to other departments, you have to work together sometime. Moreover, you should not quit your job just because of your bad colleagues. So, being smart enough so that you don’t feel upset and in the same time can make them happy, is an art. Let’s take a look at the great way to deal with the bad colleagues at work.
“Taking the pulse” of your colleagues
1. “I’ve forgot” the colleagues
Coworkers of this type often promise to help you, but when you ask them about the result, the answer is always “Sorry! I’ve forgot it”. Be aware of that, when you have something important to solve you may have to “eat bitter fruit” relying on such colleagues. Do not believe in them. In the nature they are selfish but pretend to be good people. They only do something if they see their benefit in it. Watch out, they do not always forget, they will do what you ask if they see the benefits. With this type of people, you can only collaborate on the basis of mutual benefit, do not expect them to help you for free.
Double-faced colleagues
Laugh in front of you, saying fun, but just turn away, then they immediately scold you with others. In front of you they agree to cooperate with you, support you, but behind you they collaborate with your opponent. Even when you find out their trick, they try to justify and get through, and then continue to do so. They are bad not only for you, they are bad for everyone.
Selfish colleagues
When having thing to do, they always try to get help from you. But when you have trouble, they always complain that they are very busy and cannot help. Or when you ask them to guide, share experience, they try to avoid. They only think of their own interests. They often scramble for benefits with people; ready to claim others’ achievement.
 “Peddler of word” the Colleagues 
You are not happy because your accountant makes funds difficult for you, you just want to confide in someone. A few days later, you are being questioned by her for defaming her. These colleagues always take what  they hear from people to tell someone else. They are often called public speakers.
Jealous colleagues 
Let ‘s imagine : You have been raised by your boss for completing an important project, but then you are blamed for having an intimate personal relationship because of what you have been favored and appreciated. The blame results in denying your work. Unjust accusation seems to be more bitter when it turns out that, it is the lazy girl participating the project who told all the story she just thought out. She is the typical jealous person. This type of people can’t stand everything what bring benefit to the others, though it does not affect them.
 “Hard to please” colleagues
They are “demanding old ladies” in the office; albeit you try to be cheerful, sociable and friendly, they are still not satisfied. Sometime they try to find out your faults and criticize. Or in meetings, they pick to pieces and make thing difficult for people they do not like with nonsense.
In the next section, we will learn together how to “cure” bad colleagues.

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