The causes of depression

What causes depression?

Human emotions are often influenced by the outside and more or less affect the mood and spirit of man. In addition to things like work pressure, obstacles in relationships or minor details in your daily life can also become “killers” for your mood, causing you to be depressed.

It could be anything
Human emotions are often influenced by the outside and more or less affect the mood and spirit of man. In addition to the stresses of work, obstacles in relationships, small details in everyday life can also become the killer of your mood, causing you to become depressed.
The light is too dazzling
American research finds that light, lights in a room, or even light from an over-radiant radio screen in the evenings, is likely to cause negative reactions to emotions.

Our minds can easily be affected
Hot weather
Overheating can have an adverse effect on sleep and the feeling of wanting to eat, causing depression in the mood. According to British statistics, the level of suicide in the days of high temperatures also increased more.
According to Australian research, smoking increases the risk of depression by 93%. Nicotine in cigarettes, although it can produce immediate pleasure, causes long-term damage, which affects the ability of the brain to produce “happy hormones.”
Sit for a long time, be active
Sitting too long and sedentary causes depression 2 to 5 times higher. Beyond work, if every day you should not sit for more than 2 hours online.
Slow working style
Psychologists found that people who could not properly organize and manage their time were at high risk for depression. Stagnation, delay in work will make you feel chaotic life, difficult to control, causing psychological pressure.
Drink tea or coffee in the evening
Many people have the habit of drinking tea or coffee in the evening. This not only results in insomnia, but also affects the working status the next day. According to experts, after 4 pm best not to use the drinks on.
Fast food
Foods that have high levels of sugar and fat, such as humanoid, fries, etc. can dramatically improve the mood, but then the blood glucose levels are reduced, causing the mood to coincide. Therefore, it is best to choose slow energy-resolving foods such as whole wheat bread …
Long-term unsaturated fatty acids in foods can lead to depression. Therefore, vegetarians should supplement fish oil with their body.
The amount of hydrocarbons loaded into the body is too small
Few people think that eating less, not even eating starch has the effect of reducing fat. However, a study of the US found that the amount of hydrocarbons loaded into the body too little affect the ability to regulate the mood of the brain, causing the mood is not as good as angry, unhappy …
Thyroid function impaired
Thyroid function is too strong to affect the secretion of hormones, causing you to feel depressed, feeling melancholy. At this time should go to the blood test to test out the actual cause.

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