Explain stress in psychological perspective

Psychological stress
Mr. Walter Cannon was the first person has introduces the concept of Stress. He observed a series of instinctive responses in the natural world called “Resist or Run” responses. Whenever animals confront predators, they must decide to fight or run. 

Facing stress, one must decide to fight or run away
In both situations, high blood pressure and heart rate, increased breathing, increased muscle activity. Eyesight and hearing work better to achieve better understanding. This is a biologically-preloaded response that allows individuals to respond to threats from the external environment.
Explain stress in psychological perspective
Walter Cannon’s definition focuses more on the biological aspects of stress. Stress is simply understood as the body’s “pre-installed” response to harmful factors that mobilize the body’s power to cope. The concept of “presetting” by Cannon suggests that we can rely on the manifestation of the body to recognize ourselves in a state of stress as the reactions of this body are prone to repeat. Predictable for each individual.
Over the past four decades, compared to the early days of stress studies, there have been significant developments. Here are some notable definitions:
Tensions arise when individuals perceive that they can not cope with their expectations or threaten their healthy existence. R.S. Lazarus (1966).

Remaining balance can prevent stress
Stress is the result of an imbalance between requirements and resources.
A simple definition of stress that can be used is: stress occurs when the pressure exceeds your normal ability to cope. S. Palmer, 1999.
According to these definitions, stress is understood as an individual cognitive phenomenon. This perception involves looking at the matter: whether it contains a requirement for the individual, it threatens the subject; And see how well you can cope: whether you have the resources you need to meet those demands and threats. So here stress is understood in the relationship between people and the environment outside. Environmental factors, however, do not determine the level of stress that human perception of environmental stimulation determines the level of stress of the event.

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