Vitamin C in the prevention and treatment of autism (part 1)


Vitamin C is an extremely safe and beneficial substance in many ways, both for the brain and for the body. Its potential contribution in the prevention and treatment of autism remains little studied.

vitamin C improves cognition

It is present at very high concentrations in the brain, but its exact role is still difficult to pin down. A research on Medline recently featured 400 articles on vitamin C and brain, but the mystery remains.
We do not have to understand the biochemistry to know that vitamin C plays an essential role in the functioning of the brain. The first signs of deficiency are confusion and depression. As evidenced by the IQ scores of healthy children and children with Down syndrome, vitamin C also improves cognition. Other studies have also shown, by different types of measurements, an improvement in electroencephalograms and alertness. Hoffer and Osmond have even demonstrated, in a series of notable studies, the contribution of vitamin C in the treatment of schizophrenia.

The contribution of vitamin C in the treatment of schizophrenia.

It is often enough to mention the defense factor against viruses and bacteria. A study published in 1995 by Hemilii and Herinan cited 21 placebo-controlled studies demonstrating that daily intake of at least one gram of vitamin C significantly limited the intensity and duration of colds (vitamin C does not prevent colds but Reduces symptoms). Archie Kalokarinos found that the use of vitamin C reduced the mortality rate of aboriginal children during vaccinations by 50 to 0%. I presented his work in the edition 12-1 of ARRI.

But the vitamin fulfills many other functions. In his book “The Healing Factor: Vitamin C Against Disease” Irwin Stone discusses the many ways in which vitamin C protects the body from the substances that cause some cases of autism. Some examples :

“Toxins”: Irwin Stones presents a number of studies carried out since the 1930s, noting the rapid reduction by vitamin C of the intellectual and physical disorders of workers suffering from lead poisoning due to their exposure to lead in Blast furnaces, battery manufacturing plants and other facilities, referring to the 1940s case of a 27-month-old child who had ingested substances containing lead and whose health had greatly improved through consumption Of vitamin C.

It also presents a Chinese study that consisted of immersing 100 tadpoles in high leaded water before placing them for some in a water tank and for others in a water tank enriched with Vitamin C. Six days later, the tadpoles dipped in the ascorbic acid bath were still alive, while 88% of those immersed in the water bath were dead. Vitamin C counter for mercury, arsenic, benzene and other chemicals as well as organic poisons such as botulism, snake bites, spider bites and scorpion as well as bacterial toxins.

“What is the contribution of vitamin C to autism?” Is the intake of vitamin C in the treatment of autism studied? I only know two studies on the subject. The first is the study I launched in 1967 to evaluate the effects of four vitamins: B3, B5, B6 and C. We used a dosage of only 1 to 3 grams per day of vitamin C (about 40 Mg / kg). At this dosage, the effect of vitamin C was easily obscured by that of vitamin B6 (18 consecutive studies also confirm the beneficial role of vitamin B6).

A second study on the role of vitamin C in the treatment of autism was conducted in 1993 by Dolske et al. This was a double-blind, placebo-controlled study that administered 104 mg / kg of vitamin C to 18 autistic children aged 6-19 years and living in institutions. Significant statistical improvements were observed in different outcome measures. It is clear that Dolske’s high dosages had performed better than those of our previous study. But what is the ideal dosage in the treatment of autism? No one knows. Vitamin C is extremely safe, including at massive doses, and it would be interesting to identify the optimal dose.


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